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Love experiences The foreign Angel

Love experiences The foreign Angel Praying God and Allah Testimonials of Love

Love experiences The foreign Angel : it was February 2001; my dad had received a horrible diagnosis: two tumors, one on his kidney and one on his intestine; he was already at the hospital, ready to be operated on; not even a year earlier, his brother, my uncle, died a long and painful death, for him and also for us, agony, and it was the same illness; the fear was unbearable and hope was running very thin.

On that day, the door bell rang; once again I saw the usual salesmen at our gate, street peddlers. They come knocking on our house regularly, we literally have no room left to store any more handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, cotton socks …. I went to the gate, I did not feel I had the energy to explain that I did not need anything, so I just bought something. The man standing in front of me, not very young, perhaps Middle Eastern, asked me how I was (and they often ask, they are quite kind), so I told him about my father.

“I am sorry. Now I will pray for him and for you, and you will see that everything will turn out well”

Those were more or less his words. “Give me your hand”.

We held hand over the metal barrier of the fence, which is low, it only goes as high as the waist; while I was praying to my God with my heart, he was whispering his prayer, it sounded like a lullaby. I recognized the sounds of the Arabic language, but not the words. The only one I understood was “Allah”, which he mentioned several times during his prayer. Our hands were still together, and it was as if in that moment our souls were connecting. We were praying together and the prayer was flying very high, straight up to the sky. I had tears rolling down my face, and a new little nest inside my heart, warm with faith and hope.

“You will see, everything will be all right”, he repeated. “I come back in two weeks, and when I see you, you will tell me how your father is feeling”.

Two weeks later, my father recovered from surgery, they removed one of his kidneys and part of his intestine, plus some other cyst here and there, and he was getting better very quickly.

That man, my “Foreign Angel” never came back to my house, I never saw him again. Or maybe I never noticed, because every time I think about it I still feel him close to me, holding my hand tight.


Love experiences The foreign Angel Praying God and Allah Testimonials of Love

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