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Awareness A state of altered awareness

Awareness A state of altered awareness I felt a complete Harmony Justice Perfection Consciousness

Awareness A state of altered awareness : I found myself in a difficult moment of my life, I had worked non-stop for three months to prepare for the arrival of the Dalai Lama, in the town of Pomaia, in Tuscany; after the event I left for the island of Elba, to work the summer tourist season; I felt delicate and fragile, very sensitive, and the work place I was in felt “harsh”, “ruthless”, we worked 12-13 hours a day, in an environment of competition, material ambition, selfishness, and greed.

I was really suffering from this situation, but I desperately needed the work. One day I was resting, it was my day off, I was in a bar by myself, I was sipping an aperitif and I was reflecting on my situation, I felt trapped, alone in an area where I could not survive with integrity, I did not know what to do …. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was ‘lifted up’ …. from the top of my head, and I felt as if I was being airlifted somewhere else, the bar had disappeared together with the entire objective world, I found myself in a ‘state of perception’ completely new to me, and without any previous situations I could compare this to …. There was a silence charged with a vibrant energy, it was a love of a kind that until then was unknown to my human side …. Full, total, undifferentiated.

From there I saw all the people of my past, those I considered my friends and those who hurt me …. And I felt all of them as being there somehow, equally precious, an impartial love that extended to all people in my life, I felt an immense gratitude for everything, because everything worked toward my existence. I felt a complete harmony, justice, perfection.

I was surrounded by this love of a quality so different from what I normally experienced so far… I was immersed in it, part of me, was this me?

While I was in this state I saw loving presences all around me, they were talking to me without speaking …. See? Silence everywhere…. Silence full of inexpressible meanings, now. Nothing was separate, and so it was that I touched all this for a few minutes, minutes that seemed like an eternity, a ‘state of being’ that I would have never ever been able to imagine with my mind. If they were Angels ….. that means that they were right there, they were not separated from me, and “I” …. not the little “I” that lives here, in this person I know, but rather me as a “consciousness”, an attention, a “presence” without borders, not separated from anything …. Impersonal.

With much gratitude and love to everyone and everything



Awareness A state of altered awareness I felt a complete Harmony Justice Perfection Consciousness

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