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Children could see Angels

Children could see Angels Saints and the Souls of our loved ones Testimonials All Children could see

Children could see Angels: all children, while still innocent, see both the Angels and the Souls of our loved ones we lost, and even the Saints; on this subject I want to write to you about two testimonials, one is personal, the other comes from a friend; my mum had died about two months prior, and my sister had had her second baby about eleven months before then, a cute little girl who was already starting to say a few words.

One evening I was returning from work, I had to speak with my sister about something and instead of driving home I decided to stop to see her first.

After my mother died, my sister put a picture of mum (as a memoir) on a little shelf in the kitchen.

While we were talking, I felt as if someone was caressing my shoulder, and I said that there was someone with us, but I did not know who it was, since I could not see the person. At that time Lory, my little niece, wanted to step down from my sisters’ lap, she wanted to go somewhere, we did not know where. My sister tried to coerce her into staying with her by pointing at the photograph on the shelf and saying “Look, grandma, look, call her … do you see that she is looking at you? Where is grandma Lucia? Show Peppe where she is”.

A moment later the little girl says “No, grandma!” then she turns the other way and says “Here grandma”. Then she starts laughing and opens her arms as if someone was about to pick her up …. But there was nobody there.

My sister was frozen …. I told her, “the person who caressed my shoulder was mum, and to make us understand it she showed up to Lory”. The girl was laughing and playing with someone we could not see …. Just like she used to play when she was with grandma!

My friend, on the other hand ….. She had a boy, who by the way happened to be a miracle baby …. Every time this boy saw the picture of Father Pio, he would always say to his mum “Mum, there is grandpa!”, and he would blow him a kiss.

She did not give much importance to his words, one day while she was bathing him, the child did not want to stay put and was crying …. My friend did not know how to calm him down …. And all of a sudden she could smell the scent of Father Pio, and the child immediately went quiet and started to laugh and said “Mum ….. Grandpa!”

I believe any comments on this subject are simply superfluous!


Children could see Angels Saints and the Souls of our loved ones Testimonials All Children could see

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