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Coincidences A series of lucky events

Coincidences A series of lucky events My story Help from Heaven through coincidences Testimonial

Coincidences A series of lucky events : the story I am about to tell you is a little strange, I don’t even know how to best define the people who took part in it; I will try to remember the facts as they were, without any judgment or comment; on the first day of February 2000 I was supposed to move into an apartment that I had just rented, thus officially moving out of a studio apartment where I was temporarily living.

I had a series of lucky events which led me to finding this new apartment, it was pretty, centrally located, and it was a good price, and most importantly they did not ask for any security or deposit (which I would not have been in the position to give me)

I liked it instantly, the very first time I saw it, but it was already rented to someone else. However I immediately felt as if this was destined to be my home; as I was leaving the property I caught a glimpse of two golden shapes on either sides of the door, their arm stretched out in front of them, indicating that nobody, other than me, could come in.

In fact this apartment became curiously available again, just two hours after I saw it.

In order not to waste money (which incidentally right at that moment I was absolutely short of) it was important that the move took place that very day, because even a one day delay would mean that I would have to pay another month’s rent at the existing studio apartment.

Unfortunately the apartment had just been refurbished and it did not have electricity and the connection to the power was taking longer than expected because the meter down the stairs had not been installed yet.

They explained to me that first of all the owner had to pay the deposit to the power company, then a technician would come over to install the meter, and then finally someone would come over to connect the power to my apartment.

In short, there was no way to have all this done by the evening of February 1st.

I spoke at length with the employee of the power company who, while being very understanding, continued to repeat to me that the best he could do was to send me a technician for the 2nd of February, there was no way he could do it before that.

I had decided to transfer there anyway, also because I truly could not afford to pay double rent. I would spend the first day and first night without light and heating (the heater was electric), but never mind. To be honest I did not have any furniture, but I would manage somehow. Besides, I was the only resident in the whole building because all other apartments had also just been refurbished and even the other new residents were in my same situation; clearly, however, they could transfer more leisurely than me, since I did not see anyone else being busy moving in.

In the morning I transferred some of my stuff, little by little, including all other belongings I had, including my cats.

In the apartment it was really cold, the dark night was not very appealing in that situation of complete solitude.

It felt so strange to walk in an out of a completely empty building, all other apartments had the doors wide open …. I live on the top floor and I had to take the stairs up and down, so I could see all of them. It was a little intimidating, so every time I would walk in or out I made sure I closed the gate as well as the outside door of the building.

This way nobody could come in

As I walked out of the building I happened to catch a side glimpse of a meter from the electricity company, it was in the meter box. I went back to it, I looked closely and I saw that there was no name on it, but it seemed to be located in the slot allocated to apartment number 5, my apartment!

Wonderful, I could spend the night with the light and heating on!

I ran my errands in a rush and as soon as I walked back inside I tried to turn the light on …. Nothing. The meter was installed but the power had not been connected.

I called the same employee I had spoken to, and after having thanked him profusely for letting me have priority over all his other job commissions, I told him that I was still without power …. I was asking what I supposed to do next …

The employee very kindly explained to me that I could not possibly have the meter installed since nobody had gone over to install it in the first place (the appointment was scheduled for the following day, at 8 am, as we had originally agreed) and in any case the cost for the connection to the power was out my own pocket: I would have to call an electrician AFTER the meter was installed.

I explained that the meter was already there, but since he kept repeating to me that it was not possible, I just gave up, I hung up the phone and I went downstairs to check.

Well, the meter was there …. There was no doubt: I could touch it!

But how could the technician have come in if the main entrance door was shut and I was the only person in the building? Besides, it was afternoon already and technicians do not work that late!

Well, without giving it too much thought I left the house, I started looking for an electrician even though I had no idea where to find one, even considering that it was late afternoon already. About 200 feet away from my house there is a shop that sells appliances: I walked in and I asked if they knew of any electrician. What a coincidence, an electrician happened to walk into the shop right behind me, he overheard my conversation, and offered to come to my house immediately to help me.

Not even 15 minutes later my apartment was illuminated and the heating was on. The night was going to be without doubt more comfortable … I slept in my sleeping bag on the floor, but at least I was warm!

The following morning at about 8 I heard the bell ring downstairs, I was a little surprised and still a little sleepy, I wondered who it was… it was the technician from the power company, he was here to install the meter! Of course, I had completely forgotten about him!

I get dressed more or less coherently, I run down the stairs, and he is there installing my meter and preparing the paperwork.

He asked who installed the meter, and if I had electricity in the home. I said yes, but I told him that I had no idea who installed it. He checked something, made a phone call back to his office, strangely he could not locate the mystery technician.

He told me that the meter is a different model from the ones he had brought with him, but in the end he decided to just leave my meter as it was, and to make me sign the paperwork as if he had done the work himself; he installed all other meters and then he left.

My contract with the power company starts from the 2nd of February 2000, and my meter, to date, is still a different model from all others, with my name handwritten by me on it.





Coincidences A series of lucky events My story Help from Heaven through coincidences Testimonial


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