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Talk to the Angels Children and Angels

Talk to the Angels Children and Guardian Angels I am talking to the Angel mum Can’t you see him?

Talk to the Angels Children and Angels : If you see a child look up in the air and smile or laugh, don’t be surprised, he is simply looking at an Angel; a long time ago, the Angel Giulio explained to us that Angels often visit children, even every day, they stay with them and often they remind them of the task that they have came on earth to do; one day, I was a guest at the home of our Genny, I heard a strange presence in the room (even Genny heard it); this presence, after having strolled around the home for a while, stood close to little Sara’s bed and I distinctly heard a warm “Hello”.

That “Hello”, our Angel Giulio eventually explained, was the greeting from little Sara’s Guardian Angel.

But now I shall leave you with what Laura told about her little Francesca.

Laura: “Journal of one night”.

My daughter’s name is Francesca, she is 8 years old.

One evening my husband and I could hear her talking to herself alone in her bedroom, she was about a year and half at that time.

Since it was past midnight I assumed she was dreaming…. But she kept talking and talking.

So I got up, I turned her light on and I saw her sitting up, looking toward the wall.

I immediately noticed that she was wide awake and that she was not dreaming; I asked her: “Franci, who are you talking to?”, actually, no, initially I just said: “Franci?”

She did not reply right away, I called her again and she turned to me, saying “What?”

I asked her “Who are you talking to my dear?”, “I am talking to the Angel mum, can’t you see him?” I said “No, I can’t see anything”, “but of course mum, he is right there!”

So I asked her “Franci, did you ask him what his name is?” she replied “Yes, he said that his name is Gabriele”.

I was frozen, I knew that Gabriele was the Angel that protects children, I had read about it in a book, I was sure that she had never heard that name before, she was too young for that and ….. She barely spoke …. And yet she pronounced the name Gabriele perfectly.


Talk to the Angels Children and Guardian Angels I am talking to the Angel mum Can’t you see him?


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