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Existence of Angels

Existence of Angels Her Angel manifested his presence Angels Testimonials of Angels A celestial help

Existence of Angels : I have a great story about Angels to tell you; what I am about to say did not happen to me, but to a friend of mine, when I talked to her about Angels she did not believe at all in Angels, but now, after what happened to her, she changed her mind.

Sandra, a friend of mine, is a strong and lively girl, she is happy-go-lucky even when she has a ton of problems, she always has a smile on her face, her nice smile. She is a very sensitive girl, and very stubborn, and before today she did not know if she believed in the existence of Angels or not, or if maybe it was just our imagination at work in order to explain certain phenomena.

One day her father takes her car to have the tyres changed, which were very worn out. He takes the car to the garage and leaves it there. After a few hours he goes back to pick up the car again. He wants to take his daughter with him, but the daughter has gone out with her girlfriends.

After a few days of driving her car, Sandra becomes more and more convinced that there is something wrong with it. Initially, she thinks that it’s the new tires that are getting broken in, but then she understands that the problem lies elsewhere. She notices that the tires are slightly deflated, she is out of town and she stops at the first garage stop she finds, so she can top up the tyres. The tyres are now fully inflated, the pressure was indeed too low, but the mechanic also notices that the nuts of the wheels are loose.

In a few words, the wheels were held together without the help of the nuts and bolts, and the mechanic could not explain how she managed not to lose her wheels and have an accident. Driving from one town to another, on the way Sandra increased her speed, and risked losing at least one wheel, potentially losing control and having a terrible accident.

The mechanic repeats to the young girl that she was incredibly lucky and that he still does not understand how that happened. Sandra feels a chill down her spine that makes her reflect. But she is too stubborn to believe in celestial help.

She leaves the mechanic, the car is now fixed, she drives toward the countryside, to visit a girlfriend, where they had set up an appointment. At the meeting place she finds a guard dog, chained. It’s a fighting dog and nobody can come close to him, because he bites. Sandra obviously stays well clear of the dog. After a few hours, Sandra has to put her bag in the car. The car is close to the dog house, but far enough away from the dog’s reach. As she walks back to her car, she does not pay attention to how close she is walking to the dog, she was still shaken from the day’s event She does not notice that her leg is now almost touching the dog. She reaches the car, she opens the door, and the dog suddenly lurches toward her to attack her, but the chain is short and it can not reach her. Sandra gets scared but she knows that the dog can not do anything because she is far away. But then, a second chill runs down her spine that day, she remembers how she had just distractedly walked right in front of the doghouse, and the dog did not assault her, as if it did not even notice she was there.

None of the events explains how she managed to escape the danger of the dog, since he is very dangerous and knows only and exclusively his owner. Sandra realizes that it must be true, that somebody up there assisted and protected her, letting her understand that Angels do exist.

The following evening we met, she told me all about it, confirming that now she truly believes that she too has a Guardian Angel who protects her and who, this time, wanted to make himself known through these occurrences!

I told her that in addition to the two episodes there was also a third one, even more important, where her Angel manifested his presence one more time. She looked at me puzzled, she did not understand …. And I told her …. “Your claiming that Angels do exist…. It’s no small feat …. It was your Angel who convinced you … not me or my words ….. This was the result of hard work from your Angel and mine …

The nicest thing that could have possibly happened was precisely this …. Saying that Angels do exist!

Our Angels must work so hard for us!!!!!

I say goodbye with a hug, to the next angelic experience


Existence of Angels Her Angel manifested his presence Angels Testimonials of Angels A celestial help

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