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Signs from the Angel Traveling with Raphael

Signs from the Angel Traveling with Angel Raphael testimonials of Angels

Signs from the Angel Traveling with Raphael : I had been driving in my car for hours. The sun was baking and it was very hot. I absolutely had to reach Rovereto (in Trento) Italy and I was driving alone in my car; I did not want to drive in the dark so I decided to only stop for five minutes, to grab a bottle of water and rest in the shade for a while; I parked. I bought some water and a nice ice cream which I was now enjoying, sitting down, nice and relaxed; I was a little refreshed, I continued on with my drive heading north.

I turned the stereo off since I was tired of listening to music.

I started to talk to my Angel, Raphael, I often imagine him sitting down next to me in the car …. Even if it’s a little small for him ….

“How I would love for you to do some of the driving, at least I could rest!”, “It’s nice to know that I am not alone, I feel less sad and tired!” And so on.

By now the monologue had turned into me speaking out loud. I wonder if someone might actually have seen me talk to myself! He he he …. Oh well, who cares!

This monologue had already gone on for a while when a little white feather started to float inside the car.

I was completely distracted and incredulous …. Human beings are such strange creatures! .... I nearly lost control of the car because of a feather. I slowed down. I pulled over. I stopped in the emergency lane and I took the feather between my hands with an incredible emotion and …. With tears in my eyes, I started to laugh.

I was laughing so hard while the tears were streaming down my face that I forgot everything. My tiredness. The heat. The sadness. Everything dissolved. I was finally exhausted but relaxed, I thanked my Angel for having supported me with his presence.

I took the feather and I put it inside the driving license holder, it’s been in my bag ever since, as a reminder if I ever needed further proof that my Angel is always near me. Even when I drive. Maybe he is a navigator!!!


Signs from the Angel Traveling with Angel Raphael testimonials of Angels


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