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Divine presence Experience

Divine presence Experience An Angel near our little girl Angels Testimonies of Angels

Divine presence Experience : when my husband and I speak about what happened, we just can’t give a good explanation; now I’ll tell you about it; my daughter hadn’t started walking yet, she must have been one year old; we had been on holiday on the Adriatic Sea since years; that year we found nice friends, and in the evenings we used to put our little girl to sleep, and go down into the hall, then me and my husband, taking turns, we used to go upstairs to see if she was sleeping.

She was sleeping in a camping cot near our bed.

So when Claudio went up to see her, he came down and was as white as a sheet “Laura, where did you put our little girl to sleep?” “In her cot. Why?” “Come up and see where she is.”

Francesca was right in the middle of our bed, with the blankets perfectly tucked up. She was sleeping like safe and sound. I was scared to death, how did she end up there? She couldn’t jump down from her bed. It was impossible. I checked to see if anyone had done her any harm.

Two old ladies sleeping next to our room told us they heard our child cry desperately, she called out “Mummy” then suddenly there was silence.

I asked the owners of the hotel if anyone had the keys, but they said “No.”

The next day I tried a thousand times to make her jump out of her bed and come into mine, I even put some chocolate there for her to make her jump, it was useless, she just couldn’t.

I’m telling you this thing and crying at the same time, people would think I’m mad, but I believe that night there had really been a divine presence.


Divine presence Experience An Angel near our little girl Angels Testimonies of Angels

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