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Love that transforms Love from Angels

Love that transforms Love from Angels Experiences Angels in touch with our Soul


Love that transforms Love from Angels : yet they are light touches or meetings or a scent or an embrace, yet in everything they do Angels can transmit great Love that transforms and is kept in your mind, they stay lifelong; before, I used to think that their Love went right to our heart, but now I think Angels directly get in touch with our Soul, and it’s there that the real transformation occurs; that’s why I have decided to send you Giuseppe’s witness today.

Giuseppe: “ I felt something”


I want to tell you a “little detail” of my life: April 30th 2000, I was seized by a sudden illness, and while the hours passed by this pain grew more and more; with the addition of other problems, my diagnosis was becoming concrete, I had received a heart stroke.


I’m now 45. While the ambulance was arriving and they were laying me on the stretcher, I felt something catch my left hand, and then I didn’t feel anything else. Now I can’t exactly explain if what I felt was something happening, that is my Angel’s hand or a sensation for no reason, but anyway I must tell you that since that happened to me, my life has changed in a certain way, anyway my spirit is getting back to like what it was before, I’m a juvenile, humorous person, anyway I think I’ve got skills to feel at ease with other people. You can’t imagine how many times or better still how I always have wished that my Angel would come to me, even only to whisper that what I’m doing is right or wrong. Anyway I want you to know that I always think of Him, and I won’t get fed up of praying to Him.




Love that transforms Love from Angels Experiences Angels in touch with our Soul


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