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Coincidences conjunction between transcendent

Coincidences conjunction between the transcendent and mortal Guardian Angels’ help Witness

Coincidences conjunction between transcendent : I’m back at last from Rome and I just want to tell about an adventure I had and I think that even during this journey Angels have worked hard for me; anyway I’ll get to the point and tell you about my experience, maybe many people will think that it’s only a coincidence, but you can decide by yourself.

On Monday afternoon I flew to Rome for a job study. I was waiting for the date of departure since a long time, but when the fixed day came, I almost didn’t want to leave. I state beforehand, I have travelled a lot in the past and I have always flew. That day I kept thinking that something was going to happen on the plane, and I didn’t even want to leave. But what could I do? Everything had been paid for in advance, I just couldn’t draw back. I knew everything was going to be alright, but I felt so frightened, as if something really terrible was going to happen. I left my house to get the plane. I have to travel over 100km. Obviously I went by car. I didn’t leave it in a car park which you have to pay to use. I must say it was overfull, and I couldn’t find a place. Then I thought of my Angels, telling them to see to everything, and to do something to get rid of my fear. It seemed as if nobody was listening to me, but deep down I felt somebody telling me to keep calm, because they had seen to everything, but I went on having the same feeling. I went around the car park uselessly. In front of me there was another car trying to park, suddenly I seemed to see a place to park. The car in front of me went by the only place left without noticing it, and I parked my car immediately. It seemed that place was just waiting for me. A coincidence?

I got out of the car, I got my case and started off to the check in. I was so afraid, and I thought: “If something is really going to happen, I hope we could have a priest on board!” Somebody up there was listening to what I was thinking about … I’m sure of that. When I got on the plane, what a surprise … my seat was just near to the emergency exit. On my right there was a priest and on my left a steward on leave! Is that a coincidence?

The trip got on rather well, I got to the airport in Rome. I had to catch the train to Monterotondo where I was going to sleep. Obviously you have to wait to get the luggage. What a coincidence my case was one of the first ones to come out and it come out immediately too. I got to the station. I bought my ticket: I bought my ticket and 5 minutes later the train left. If I had missed it I would have had to wait an hour, and I hadn’t had supper yet.

Was that a coincidence?

When I got to Monterotondo, I didn’t know the place, and I even didn’t know where the hotel was. What was I supposed to do? It was twenty past ten p.m. and I still had to eat and take a nice shower. I tried to find out where the hotel was. It was 3 km far from the station and I ought to have climbed a steep slope. Feeling tired, hot, being hungry, the way, and my case … All this is great training! But by chance the young man to whom I asked some information was going near the hotel and he gave me a lift. It seemed he was waiting for me to leave. Was that a coincidence?

When I got there I asked for my room and then for my supper. In the hotel the kitchen was open until 11. o’clock p.m. and it was 22.45 p.m. Just in time to leave my case in my room and then eat. Was that a coincidence?

If I hadn’t found a place in the car park, I may have missed the plane. In the plane I sat beside a priest who knew more than me about security by mere chance, my case didn’t come out late as usual so I didn’t miss the train and had to wait, someone gave me a lift, as if he were there waiting for me, and I got there in time for supper!

Too many coincidences … Somebody may say I’m lucky … Well I could accept this hypothesis if only one of these episodes would have occurred…but they all occurred one after another … and I really don’t think they were simple coincidences.

The Angles told me they would have seen to everything … Then anyway, don’t you know that each coincidence is a little miracle in which Jesus becomes anonymous ?

I think the Angels took pains in doing a lot during this journey!

Angelic greetings until the next… angelic adventure.

To all of you reading these lines, I only want to say…pray and watch yourselves … and most of all appeal the Guardian Angels’ help, great means of conjunction between the transcendent and mortal, only to show us the right way that leads right up to Paradise.


Coincidences conjunction between the transcendent and mortal Guardian Angels’ help Witness

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