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Smell of Angels A strong smell of incense

Smell of Angels A strong smell of incense A scented Embrace from my Guardian Angel Experience


Smell of Angels A strong smell of incense : last Saturday morning my mother got so angry again with my father and me; I’ve decided to love both of them separately without getting involved in their conflict abstaining from judging them, although it isn’t easy; I could feel her sufferance, I knew how she felt, but I didn’t want her to insult me like that, and although I was suffering I decided I wasn’t going to help her until she would have been ready to get my help; It wouldn’t have been no good for her, letting her use me for her anger so easily.


I went to the mountains with my boyfriend to stay all the day long. A lovely day, fresh air, snow among the green, there wasn’t anyone.


Only nature and us. On the way back, I suddenly felt hot air wrap completely around me, and there was a very strong smell of incense, not of flowers or something else that could disguise with the smell of the woods, but a very strong scent of incense.


I had to stop, I called back my boyfriend who was walking a bit in front of me, and he felt the hot air, and smelt the scent too. We felt peace, and we felt OK. This lasted about 30 seconds. Then everything disappeared.


That was a beautiful clear message. We went back to that place twice during that half hour … but nothing. The scent had disappeared. I understood that my Angel wants to get me acquainted with His presence, His Love, and to do that he chose the ideal place and time. It was impossible not to relax up there, and get rid of stress and fears, opening my heart to everything nature had to offer. I thanked him immediately for this present and I felt that he I would have understood more deeply his message later.


That evening when I got home, my mother after such a long time asked me crying … “Come and hug me, only ten minutes, please do” Imagine my heart!


Even if sometimes we feel lonely during our daily fight, the Angels, are always by our side loving us intensely and they always find a way to tell us that It’s up to us to become more receptive, letting a bit more of love get into us.


I embrace you all lovingly




Smell of Angels A strong smell of incense A scented Embrace from my Guardian Angel Experience


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