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Feathers everywhere

Feathers everywhere Feathers Guardian Angel and Suicide Unmistakable sign Feathers fall from the Sky

Feathers everywhere : wandering in ether I ended up in this little corner, in this lane, reading things all of you have written, I wondered about many things, but the most clear thing that came up in my mind was this, how could I have believed all this some time ago?

To be sincere, with myself and with others … how many times unmistakable signs have come across me like lighting in this life … it’s all a continuous searching of ourselves.

Our Angels made of light, who desperately try to communicate with us in every way … The events, the casualness until we get to the more clear appearances … Imagine what they have to do to get us to obey them.

I still remember the first time … How could I forget it … I was living in a black, blind, and dark desperation that didn’t let me see all those souls who for a long time I had guided across seas, storms, and hurricanes … and yet I just couldn’t follow my own advise, “It’s different for me” … ”It can’t be so for me” … Statements that I went on saying to myself, as to convince myself … The time … came … my family … went out of the house … I have never been good at speaking about myself … I watched them going away … I knew I would have never seen them again, but I had to keep calm … I would have wanted them to stop me in case they would have guessed what I was going to do …Anyway I didn’t want to ask for help anymore … I didn’t want to cry out for help anymore … I kept telling myself:” If you want to do it, there’s no need to shout it out to the whole world, just do what you want to do, but don’t involve anyone of the people you love” … So there on my little balcony, while Celine Dion was accompanying my passing, singing: “S’il sufisait d’aimer … s’il sufisait qu’on s’aime” … “If it’s enough to love … if it’s enough that someone loves, … I’d let this world become my dream … our eternity” I was there, so … and anyway everything was all ready … I already felt that I didn’t exist anymore … I felt the absence of thoughts … I was already dead, really … until at a certain point, while I was holding tablets in one hand and a glass of water in the other … Suddenly at a certain point feathers started to fall from the sky onto my head, onto my hands, between my legs, everywhere … they were everywhere … So more desperate than before I went back into the house … To go out again a few seconds later … And to realize with great astonishment that there were no more feathers to be seen anywhere … not even on me … what had happened?

… did I really see what I saw?

Did I already dream all that? ... Since then was I dead and in Heaven?

I don’t know … but since then a lot of things have happened, things go on happening … It’s as if I had a role to play, but I don’t know what it is … Should I learn to help myself? .. should I listen to my tears? ... Is this my duty that I estendo) to do to my fellow-brothers all over the world? … The joy of living? ... Warmth of life? … It’s here …Inside you, around you at every instant of life that goes by … In every drop that drops down from the mountain falls, to then splash again into that wonderful blue lake … such a crystal clear blue that you could imagine to think it was the sky or something like that.

I’m glad I wrote this, and I hope that what I experienced can be of some help for somebody else – I hope it can be useful for somebody… saying this…If you have never seen an Angel or ever suspected that He’s next to you…don’t believe it … An Angel sometimes can hide in disguise … if he’d appear to us as He really is, he’d make our doubts and concerns grow … If He’d appear like light we wouldn’t understand. But where their intervention is required, this must be immediate … Don’t underestimate a friend’s kind words, an embrace, a kiss or a caress … These are the things that make life worth living .. and I hope you all agree with me.

Great love to everyone and I hope God won’t let you feel lost … a kiss to all of you


Feathers everywhere Feathers Guardian Angel and Suicide Unmistakable sign Feathers fall from the Sky

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