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Signs of an Invisible Supernatural Forces

Signs of an Invisible Supernatural Forces in my life Experiences Signs of Supernatural Presence

Signs of an Invisible Supernatural Forces : during my life, God knows since when, I have felt the same kind of “strange uneasiness” which I defined after each time it happened, “primitive anxiety”; this sensation was always unfailing, mostly regarding my children; I remember the first time was when I felt it regarding my first child; I was at work, nice and calm as usual; suddenly I felt I had to go home immediately, I closed the library three times and got into the car to drive home; the first two attempts didn’t succeed, seeing I couldn’t find any logical reason to switch my car on; the third one was successful, I got home just in time to save my son who was going on breathing the gas coming out of a stove which wasn’t switched on, God knows for how long, while his was in his baby sitter’s arms, and she was trying to get him to sleep – as I was told later; of that scene I didn’t remember anything exactly clearly, because of the impact of that reality and of the instant in which I become conscious that the girl (the baby sitter) was already leaning over the balcony from which instinctively she was going to throw my little son down from the third floor; fortunately as soon as I opened the my house door to get in I didn’t close it, seeing I smelt the gas, so my next door neighbour came in from the same landing just in time.

I can’t count how many times I have been warned, in a subtle way, to find myself in the right place at the right time anymore. Accidents with my motorbike “Vespa” in which both my children have been involved in different times. What a lot of flights from Catania to Bologna! Alberto had even been in reserved prognosis for eight days and seven nights, without doctors giving me no hope in a recovery. He had been admitted to CTO. Before passing him to the ICU, I had noticed that my son was tossing in his bed. I remember having told the nun of his ward more than once to hurry and call the doctor on charge. She replied indifferently that such a symptomatology was “normal”, because of the “reabsorption”. The day after the admission I went out to have lunch, but suddenly I went back up again to make sure the doctor had come, after having asked for him thousands and thousands of times. He wasn’t there. So I burst out shouting so loud that I was afraid of my voice myself. I threatened an accusation. The doctor came immediately and realizing the seriousness of the case, he saw to my son’s transfer immediately to the “Ospedale Maggiore”, in the ICU. In spite of that although my son recovered from embolism, it would have been better if the doctor had come the day before, when I had asked for him.

These particular signs were very clear warnings. Each time I felt this strange feeling, something very important used to happen. During my life time, a dozen of times, I have been literally called and urged, as if to do certain things, to save someone. I know I have never looked for a real explanation of the source of the warning. How could I have found it? But deep down in my soul, I know I have been surely helped by invisible Forces, because so many incidences can’t be attributed to chance.

One morning I was going to the bank for some transactions. I went on foot to save time. At a crossing the traffic - lights were red, so I waited for them to turn green before crossing the road. Usually, even if I look around, I don’t notice people’s details neither if there are any people at all, as I always day-dream. But that morning I noticed that on my right there was a boy wearing a green anarak, and was carrying a rucksack on his back with something written and drawn on it like teenagers have, a girl with a red anarak, with a rucksack and other writings and drawings, and a dwarf all dressed up in a flashy and unusual way. While I was looking at them I was deverted by a dear friend of mine, who had already tried to set me twice, years before towards spiritual research. He lent me a book I couldn’t read, seeing I didn’t find it interesting, because during that time I preferred philosophy and science. Later he had offered me another opportunity with another book that ended up the same way. Then he gave up, and didn’t speak to me about those kind of things anymore. That morning he spoke to me about my life and about the ups and downs I had gone through. He told me he had warned me in time before the things mentioned above happened and regarding to things during which those feelings urged me to be at the right time at the right place. While I was listening to him, I had no reason to not believe him, nor to be surprised. Moreover, each of his words seemed clarifying and recalling things I already knew. As soon as he appeared on that event, our shaking hands on meeting and again when he was going away was so real that I had no reason to doubt about it. I must have been with him for not less than twenty minutes, feeling a happiness I had never felt before that time. But then when he said goodbye, after having spoken about my future, every single word he said, regarding the time and the way did really occur. I noticed that the red traffic – light was still red, and that the boy, the girl and the dwarf were still there near me. The time for the red traffic-light to change to green, just a few seconds, or just a minute, he was gone. An instant of bewilderment and then the verification that I couldn’t have met him, because he had already died more than a year ago before our meeting.

I’ll omit all the details of what happened later and about the fit I had that kept me in confused sensations which you can imagine. I got to know later from supernatural Sources that he was a Master who had sown in me what would have later become a plant. He still communicates with me telepathically, teaching me the spiritual path that I didn’t expect when I wasn’t ready yet, and nevertheless, the seed had been sown, although at that time I was still a rock. Three years before dying he told me a date: the day, the month, the year, and the time when he wouldn’t have been on Earth anymore. He suggested me to write down these dates. I had a book in my pocket, and seeing it was the only thing on which I could write, I wrote them on the first blank page of the book called “Erasmus from Rotterdam”. I didn’t seriously believe a word he said and I forgot very soon about it. When I got to know he was dead, I remembered about the book. I looked for it and found it among many of mine, and I noticed that the date was just the one he told me three years before. So I then remembered many of his interventions that now at the same time were peeping out from the memory of time. His words then took on the meaning that I didn’t understand then. The healings he did, even for my first son, besides for other people who I sent to him to be helped, and many episodes that I had been left out of my conscience when they happened. All this has taught me that we don’t always understand what Angles do for us and that we often refuse to consider that they even exist. He urged me to notice the thousands of details that attract my attention when I use it to serve the internal and external research. Believe it or not, I’m convinced that I have received a lot from an Angel and that everyone has at least one assigned to them from Our Father’s Love. But, everyone is free to not believe it. The aim of this witness is to give, to who wants to get it, my being sure or at least the hope to never consider ourselves alone, and if we open our hearts, we can realize that the Sun shines for everyone: for the white, for the black, for the good, and for the evil, because Love doesn’t have any preferences as we think. If we get out of the underground where we think we have to live, we can realize that the Sun didn’t even shine before, because we didn’t know we had to get out of our den in which we still go on thinking that we are trapped in because of an adverse and inevitable destiny and realize in the meantime that this same destiny is only our works.


Signs of an Invisible Supernatural Forces in my life Experiences Signs of Supernatural Presence


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