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Thank you my Guardian Angel

Thank you my Guardian Angel A suggestion Help and Love from my Guardian Angel Witness

Thank you my Guardian Angel : dear friends, now it’s my turn to witness and I’ll do it very pleasingly and being very grateful to my Angel ; well, on Easter Eve I was going around shopping and things like that; suddenly I decided to anticipate an errand.

I got into my car and I drove off: being near home I didn’t use the safety belt. Suddenly I received a suggestion: “Put your safety belt on, the road’s dangerous…”

Instead of arguing, as I usually do, I obeyed at once.

About a kilometre later, while the car was still, in the middle of the carriage with the direction indicator on the left, behind me I heard a great sound of breaking and a great … bang!!!!

As a result of the impact the ashtray opened and the lighter came out with the objects that were in the side containers and the car moved on for about twenty metres!!!!!

My car was still almost as good as new, the other car, being much more bigger and heavier, ended up with both headlights broken and had damages on the bonnet and the bumpers too.

I got a strong stroke at my back, I’ve got a prognosis for fifteen days and I’ll have to wear a orthopedic collar for ten, but I perfectly know that without the safety belt I would have really hurt myself.

So I thank my Angel to whom sooner or later I’ll ask: “How come my car has got only a little piece of bumper come off, despite of the violent collision?” (we know men are more fragile, so I got off with it in a fantastic way …) thank you, thank you, thank you.

I embrace you all,


Thank you my Guardian Angel A suggestion Help and Love from my Guardian Angel Witness

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