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Devote to Padre Pio A pilgrimage

Devote to Padre Pio A pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo Story The Monk's scent Witnesses

Devote to Padre Pio A pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo Story : Silvia is a friend of mine from a long time; she’s married and her husband loves her very much; she’s got three children although they are pests, they are little angels; Silvia has been very devoted to Padre Pio, she often smells the Monk’s scent, and she has put together a group of prayers in honour of the Monk; two years ago she had their third child, but while she was giving birth, the baby caught a deadly virus; all on the same day he underwent three operations, and if they turned out successfully, the doctors said it was going to be all over with him; he was too little and weak; there wasn’t anything more to do for the baby.

The couple didn’t stop praying for the baby and they prayed Our lady and Padre Pio. Obviously being their friends, we prayed a lot for the baby too, seeing that it was the only thing we could do.

Three days later the baby was in the emergency room. At about midday his father goes to see him. You should know that you could see the baby only through a window at rush hours. You weren’t even allowed to go in, only the staff on charge. As I was saying, the baby’s father went to see him.

There wasn’t anyone in the hospital, nobody to be seen. He sees the baby through the window. He’s cute. He’s so tender and obviously the poor man sheds tears of pain. After a while he turns to go away and in the middle of the corridor, he sees an image of Our Lady where there was written “Maria Ausiliatrice”. You must know that when the baby’s father went into the hospital there wasn’t anyone. For all the time he had been there, he didn’t see anyone, and there wasn’t any image on the floor. Having picked up the image, he kissed it and pleaded the staff on charge to put the image in his baby’s cot. The father’s wish was granted and then he went away continuously thinking about that image.

The following night the baby’s mother dreamt of the Monk smiling at her, but he didn’t say anything. Since the following day the baby started to react and get better. The doctors don’t understand up to today how that may have happened.

A year after that the small and happy family went on a pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo as they had promised, taking the baby with them. There was a big crowd waiting to go into where the Blessed is buried. I don’t know how, but as soon as some voluntary boys saw the woman, they let her pass through the crowd and they helped her get to the shrine without waiting for her turn. Then a monk of that place (I don’t remember his name) as soon as he saw her, he called her and blessed her, held the baby in his arms, and said to her: “ You brought me the miraculously cured baby at last, I thought I wouldn’t have seen him… and I would have died without being able to give him a kiss and a special blessing. He made me wait a long time and I was worried. Anyway my dear, always pray and take care of the baby as best as you can. He’s got a great mission to do in the world.” After that He blessed him, he gave him a medal of the Monk, telling her to never take it off the baby, and that it would have helped him. The woman was astonished and didn’t know what to say. seeing she was dumbfounded by the monk’s words.

Now the baby walks, speaks and the strange thing is that every time he sees Padre Pio’s picture, he calls him Grandpa. When his mother says: “That’s Padre Pio”, The child replies:” No Pape Pio, grandpa Pio; It’s grandpa:”

It doesn’t matter if it was a miracle of Our Lady or of the Monk, the important thing is that the baby’s safe. And anyway, who told the monk that the baby was dying? And the people who let her pass without waiting for her turn? I think that the Angels did everything, They made her way in the crowd, they enlightened the friar’s mind…and God knows where They’ll take the baby when he grows up! A kiss to everyone from your Guardian Angels!


Devote to Padre Pio A pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo Story The Monk's scent Witnesses

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