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Guide Angels A Being of Light in contact

Guide Angels A Being of Light in contact with my son My experiences Guide Angels experiences Witness

Guide Angels A Being of Light in contact : my eldest son was on the threshold of a degree as a doctor, and he was engaged; owing to the fact that he caught in the act of an unsuspectable loving attitude his girlfriend, with whom he had been engaged since three years, with his best friend and had such a terrible shock, that he decided to abandon everything, even himself.

I made all my efforts to make him come to his senses, but it was useless. I was desperate too, because I just couldn’t make him get back to his duties. I didn’t know what else to do, what else can I say? He demanded to be called to military service.

One evening - I was already resigned and had surrendered – during a contact with the Guide Angels, in the group I attended, speaking through the medium, I heard her say to me that I had to contact my son to avoid a disaster. This Guide was an intermediary between us and a Being of Light that couldn’t speak to us directly, because of his high vibrations.

At that time I didn’t believe I could have been part of the Angel’s attention at all. So I replied that it was absurd that I could still contact my son, who, on the other hand, what’s more, didn’t want to see anyone, let alone me, and I didn’t have the faintest idea of what else I could say to him. Very lovingly, He told me I didn’t have to worry about what to say and I only had to call him and give him an appointment. Obviously I didn’t believe Him.

That night I tossed without getting to sleep. But I had had the difficulty to getting to sleep even the other nights. So I decided that I wouldn’t have met my son, and I fell sound asleep. The next morning I didn’t remember anything of the communication I had received, and I didn’t even think of my son, as if nothing had ever happened. But in my office around about ten o’clock, without realizing what I was doing, I took the phone and I suggested meeting together. Strangely – I understood later - I hadn’t been refused.

The meeting was at 5.00 p.m. in a certain place in Catania. He was on time like me. As soon as we were near, we embraced and kissed each other like we used to. As soon as we sat down to talk, we stood up, we kissed one another and each one of us went back on his way. The only particular thing I remembered immediately was that my son said to me: “Thank you Dad. Life’s great.” I wasn’t surprised, at that time. I was though, when taking a look at my watch I noticed it was 5.30.p.m.

What had happened during those thirty minutes? I hadn’t even said a word. What counts is that since then my son became peaceful and joyful. He took his degree with full marks, and with the right to publish his thesis. Twelve years later I got to know, from another source of Angels that it had been a spirit to spirit dialogue supported by Angels. It’s obvious that I think it was a miracle. I don’t know about you.


Guide Angels A Being of Light in contact with my son My experiences Guide Angels experiences Witness

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