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Angels exist They really exist

Angels exist They really exist A lot of proofs My experiences Witness with My Angel Testimonials

Angels exist They really exist : my Angel has given me such a lot of proofs, and I must absolutely witness to console all those people who, like me, up to some time ago, didn’t believe; well, it all started about a month ago, I must say that it was a tough time for me; I’m studying to become a doctor, and I was having a lot of problems with my thesis; I was risking not to graduate that year, although I had fought with all my might to.

Surfing in Internet I found a great site, and curious and trusting on 25th June, the day of my last exam, I spoke to my Angel, and I asked him: “My little Angel, please give me a sign, a simple sign, but unmistakable, so I can understand that you really exist.” I asked that and then didn’t think about it anymore. While worrying about my exam. Suddenly, while I was in the car with a friend of mine (we were going to University to take the exam) a wall with ANGEL in block capital letters on it caught my eye.

And that’s not all: I passed my exam, however problems with my thesis began, because I was wasting a lot of time with it. I asked my Angel to help me to get my degree within July, I didn’t care about having to find it difficult every day until the day of me becoming graduate as long as I could get through with it. Suddenly that evening a name came to my mind as if it had been suggested by someone: Cristine! She was a girl who had become graduate a bit earlier than me, with my same professor, and who had in her thesis a couple of topics like mine. I phoned her, and she was very disposable without me asking her, she offered me her thesis, that I found really very useful. I don’t know how I could have managed without her. The following morning we met, so she could give me her thesis, and once again I was astonished: she was with her boyfriend, who while shaking hands with me, introduced himself: “Pleased to meet you. My name’s Angelo. ( Angel)

Nevertheless I still had problems. The date of my exam had been anticipated. My tutor wasn’t there, and I didn’t know what to do. I went on speaking to my Angel, asking him to not abandon me, saying that he had been great up till then. And that I couldn’t manage without his help: the Professor assigned me to another tutor, a very sweet girl who I’ll never stop thanking, because she managed to write the first draft of my thesis.

The professor made me suffer, he took a lot of time to correct it. There were only six days left to the exam. The Professor didn’t feel confident to tell me I could print and bind my thesis. I was really very worried, because it had to take two or three days to do everything and there was continuously less time. So my Angel intervened again and again: One afternoon while I was going out of the anaesthesia and intensive care Ward (my future specialization) somebody again gave me a clear suggestion that filled my mind. Go to the Secretary’s office, go now. I went there, and I found the Students’ Representative and thanks to him I was able to deliver a temporary copy of my thesis, to substitute even the day before I’d have taken my exam with the original bound copy from the Secretary’s office.

Another time it was late in the evening, and I really had to print a copy of my temporary, corrected thesis, because the professor was going to see it the following morning. While printing I noticed that there was a problem: my computer wouldn’t accept the format of the charts that I had done. And they came out printed black and white. I was desperate. I went out on an errand. When I got home I found a friend of mine there, who was very good with computers. He popped around right then, (What a coincidence!) because my mother was going to give him something back. And he helped me solve the problem letting me print everything with colours.

Moreover the next day I met a student, attending my same course at the bus stop, (What a coincidence!!) who told me about a bookbinding shop that could bind my thesis in 23 hours. In the morning the Professor told me that I could print my thesis (Another coincidence??) and because of that student’s tip I managed to have it bound within a day! I got through with it and only two days before the exam.

On 23 July 2008 I became graduate with full marks, and that’s why I will never stop thanking my sweet Angel …to you Sara having given me the opportunity to meet Him. Even indirectly. Now I’m more peaceful, I pray every day, and I know that my Angel ‘s always next to me, and I often speak with Him, infinitely thanking Him for all the love He has shown, even if I don’t deserve it.

Just one thing: I don’t know why, but I’ve got a feeling, ever since the beginning, that my Angel is related to blue. One afternoon I was half asleep and I asked Him to tell me His name. Suddenly a word “filled” my thoughts (I think it’s the way he talks to me): CELESTE. (this means light blue in English). As soon as I woke up I asked him a tiny confirmation. I wanted to be sure I hadn’t dreamt. In the evening while I was doing a crossword puzzle, among the definition I find the words: “Azure Angel” and so now I think I know His wonderful name! Thank you Sara! Thank you Celeste! My sweet Angel!


Angels exist They really exist A lot of proofs My experiences Witness with My Angel Testimonials

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