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The Baby Sitter Angel Love in our life

The Baby Sitter Angel Love in our life Love for our children Love From Guardian Angels Testimonies

The Baby Sitter Angel Love in our life: dear Sara Luce, last Friday I had a wonderful exhibition of my Guardian Angel; I’ve got an 18 months child, who’s really terrible, and we lock the doors as not to let him in the rooms where there’s something delicate or dangerous; I went into the study with my 6 year old daughter who wanted to choose a book and I locked the door after me to not let the other child come in, he usually loves to play with the computer, he comes along, and in a second he turns the key locking my daughter and me in!

I was panic-struck, because I didn’t have my mobile phone with me and thinking of him alone around the house I imagined creepy scenes: he could have seriously harmed himself a thousand ways! I told him to turn the key, but he took it out of the door and away with him. I looked out of the window, but there wasn’t anybody, so I thought of sending an email to somebody, who at 2.30 p.m. could be using the computer. I switched it on and it didn’t go on line, so I started to cry and to pray in a loud voice to my Guardian Angel! I was really terrorized, and Silvia was too. I checked the internet cable, Internet was not plugged in, I plugged it in and I tried again: it was online! In the meantime I heard the noises where my son was: first Thomas cried a bit, non seeing anyone around, then he started to play very calmly…the email I sent to my husband’s office, was returned to me, but my sister and her husband immediately replied (they live 40 km away) they warned my husband and my mother-in-law. In a few words, my husband came to free us…You may think: “And what so fantastic about that?”

The thing is that my sister checks her email once a week, and she had already done so on Thursday evening. But on Friday she checked it again, then before switching off the computer, I wonder why, she checked it again and she found my desperate message! So not having my husband’s mobile number she rang my mother-in-law, but in the meantime my brother-in-law had already rang up my husband.

Another thing: on Thursday evening while putting things away, my sister found a photo of mine at the bottom of a big box, (that is to say a circle with my face cut off from a photo) and she stuck it with sellotape on the monitor of her computer, where she had never stuck any other photo. We have been on the phone for half an hour to think over what had happened and we thought it was extraordinary. You can call it telepathy, or “recall of blood”, or simply a coincidence, but I believe that there has been an intervention of an Angel: Moreover, it was some time before that the Angel was pre - arranging the thing and I really thank Him very much for having helped us.

But the most important thing is that Thomas had behaved well (without having an accident and most of all without hurting himself) for more than half an hour, that’s incredible for him! Evidently he had a marvelous baby sitter…

Two hours later, when everything was over, suddenly the light went off without a reason, seeing that there weren’t any electric apparatuses on, and it went off only on the floor where we live. Sometimes that happens, but I like to think that the Angel wanted to say hello to us and sign what happened.

Bye, a big hug


The Baby Sitter Angel Love in our life Love for our children Love From Guardian Angels Testimonies


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