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Guardian Angels experiences Saved

Guardian Angels experiences Saved from the assault Testimonials of Guardian Angels Witness


Guardian Angels experiences Saved Dear Sara Luce, it was more or less a year ago and my daughter was alone at home.

We have installed an automatic, electric device to protect ourselves from burglars, that when, whoever tries to force doors and windows from outside the device is switched on, it goes on, and the very loud hooter sounds in various directions.

That evening my daughter was alone at home and seeing that she was going to go out after a while, she didn’t enter the alarm system that was completely off.

Meanwhile the burglars, not caring about the lights on in the house, were forcing the balcony of the flat to get in: the alarm sound went on with the device off, blocking the burglars caught by surprise.

My daughter, thinking it was a contact of the device by chance, tried to turn the hooters off pressing the push – button switches of the remote control…but the device went on hooting.

At that time my daughter, a nineteen year old, being frightened, and not understanding what was going on, decided to leave the house immediately.

The burglars went in anyway for a few seconds breaking the balcony. But suddenly they stopped, and went away.

The maintenance firm of the device couldn’t persuade itself of what had happened, even because the station that registers the events didn’t register any house – breaking signal, that had occurred anyway, and confirmed that a plant that was off just couldn’t sound…

My daughter had been saved from the assault.





Title   Guardian Angels experiences Saved from the assault Testimonials of Guardian Angels Witness


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