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Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel Testimonial of Angels Signs with a song Guardian Angels story

Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel Testimonial of Angels Signs with a song Guardian Angels story


Dear Sara, I must tell you that since my brother-in-law died last July, my sister always “speaks” to him, and the only thing he does is send her messages and answers to any question she asks him … giving her back some signs with a song, or by a person, etc.

Owing to this fact last week I thought: “Oh Lord! I always speak with my Angel, regularly, I feel Him in my heart when He’s present. I saw Him once. Once I felt Him caress me. Several times I heard him call me, but really I have never asked Him to give me a “sign” that He’s always with me.

(p.s. Even in this precise moment while I’m speaking about Him, he has made me notice that He’s here with me!!!)

“Seeing that my brother-in-law does so with my sister, tell me what’s Your conventional sign to understand that You are by my side?”

Well it didn’t take long…

You must consider that I don’t wear watches since eight years ago, so to know what time it is, I look at the one on the computer, or the time on my mobile, or the one on the CD player that’s in the sitting room, or I ask someone or I look at public clocks.

The point is that, since about a year and a half I look at the time exactly at XX:10. Let me explain: I haven’t got an “unsound mind” wanting to know what ‘s the time, so first I stated to notice that when I looked at the time it was always ten past four p.m…. a nice “coincidence” owing to the fact that I was born on 16.10.1973… oh well… at first, in effect I thought it was strange to always look at that time. Then slowly I started to see it was ten past three p.m., then ten past eight p.m., ten past eleven p.m. and so on…until I started getting frightened a bit, because I kept on telling myself : “Oh Lord could something particular happen? How can it be possible that I always look at the time at XX:10???”

After some time I didn’t bother about it any more, anyway it was my routine, so I didn’t want to look for an explanation to the matter…until last week when in fact I asked Him expressly for a sign. It “only” took other 24 hours and then I understood…immediately: After two years I understood that my dear Angel Marcello (that ought to be His name) is constantly by my side, and He reminds me…every hour!

I have mentioned above that I was lucky to see Him: while He was looking at me lovingly from the end of my bed, with a lovingly glance (I swear, I have never seen a glance like that in a human being’s eyes). I should have been frightened to see someone in my house, but on the other hand (my eyes were open, I was awake). I found myself speaking “mentally” with Him…let’s say. Without opening my mouth to speak I found myself saying: “Is it really you?” As if I had know Him for such a long time, and He simply looked at me very lovingly (I’ve got goose pimples while I’m telling you this), and I say: “ Can You tell me your name?”… and after a very few seconds I feel the answer coming: “Marcello”. He was smiling, with His dark brown curly hair, a bit dishevelled: He only looked at me and after a second I fell to sleep again in the upmost serenity.

Still today, every now and again rationality makes me wonder: “Are you sure you didn’t make it all up?” But I refuse to believe such a thing, I was awake, aware and I know what I “felt” and what I saw.

Moreover, while I’m writing to you I remember (there must be His finger in the pie) that the night I saw Him and the time probably coincide…maybe they began together…I’ve got to check, because I wrote down the date when it happened. I’ll let you know.

Our Angels are Great!!!




Title   Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel Testimonial of Angels Signs with a song Guardian Angels story


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