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Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel

Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel Testimonial of Angels Signs with a song Guardian Angels story

Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel : dear Sara, I must tell you that since my brother-in-law died last July, my sister always “speaks” to him, and the only thing he does is send her messages and answers to any question she asks him, giving her back some signs with a song, or by a person, etc.

Owing to this fact last week I thought: “Oh Lord! I always speak with my Angel, regularly, I feel Him in my heart when He’s present. I saw Him once. Once I felt Him caress me. Several times I heard him call me, but really I have never asked Him to give me a “sign” that He’s always with me.

(p.s. Even in this precise moment while I’m speaking about Him, he has made me notice that He’s here with me!!!)

“Seeing that my brother-in-law does so with my sister, tell me what’s Your conventional sign to understand that You are by my side?”

Well it didn’t take long…

You must consider that I don’t wear watches since eight years ago, so to know what time it is, I look at the one on the computer, or the time on my mobile, or the one on the CD player that’s in the sitting room, or I ask someone or I look at public clocks.

The point is that, since about a year and a half I look at the time exactly at XX:10. Let me explain: I haven’t got an “unsound mind” wanting to know what ‘s the time, so first I stated to notice that when I looked at the time it was always ten past four p.m…. a nice “coincidence” owing to the fact that I was born on 16.10.1973… oh well… at first, in effect I thought it was strange to always look at that time. Then slowly I started to see it was ten past three p.m., then ten past eight p.m., ten past eleven p.m. and so on…until I started getting frightened a bit, because I kept on telling myself : “Oh Lord could something particular happen? How can it be possible that I always look at the time at XX:10???”

After some time I didn’t bother about it any more, anyway it was my routine, so I didn’t want to look for an explanation to the matter…until last week when in fact I asked Him expressly for a sign. It “only” took other 24 hours and then I understood…immediately: After two years I understood that my dear Angel Marcello (that ought to be His name) is constantly by my side, and He reminds me…every hour!

I have mentioned above that I was lucky to see Him: while He was looking at me lovingly from the end of my bed, with a lovingly glance (I swear, I have never seen a glance like that in a human being’s eyes). I should have been frightened to see someone in my house, but on the other hand (my eyes were open, I was awake). I found myself speaking “mentally” with Him…let’s say. Without opening my mouth to speak I found myself saying: “Is it really you?” As if I had know Him for such a long time, and He simply looked at me very lovingly (I’ve got goose pimples while I’m telling you this), and I say: “ Can You tell me your name?”… and after a very few seconds I feel the answer coming: “Marcello”. He was smiling, with His dark brown curly hair, a bit dishevelled: He only looked at me and after a second I fell to sleep again in the upmost serenity.

Still today, every now and again rationality makes me wonder: “Are you sure you didn’t make it all up?” But I refuse to believe such a thing, I was awake, aware and I know what I “felt” and what I saw.

Moreover, while I’m writing to you I remember (there must be His finger in the pie) that the night I saw Him and the time probably coincide…maybe they began together…I’ve got to check, because I wrote down the date when it happened. I’ll let you know.

Our Angels are Great!!!


Guardian Angels A sign from the Angel Testimonial of Angels Signs with a song Guardian Angels story

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