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My Spiritual Path Being part of a scheme

My Spiritual Path Being part of a scheme Our hearts and Love Spiritual Path Testimonies

My Spiritual Path Being part of a scheme : dear Sara Luce, my name’s Francesca and by chance I happened to see your site; thank you for existing, with your witnesses you give people hope and knowledge of being part of a scheme, and it’s only up to us with our hearts and Love and Their help to discover the real task, the real value to give things that surround us and to the spiritual path we follow.

I have always been a believer and since I was a child I have always been sure that an Angel – a presence – was guiding my choices, my steps, and my doubts on my spiritual path – I have always confided my grief to Jesus.

I don’t know if those I had were Angel experiences, but I’m sure that they have made my faith I already had grow stronger.

It’s true, I experienced them during a time of great grief. The grief of the Soul. But I read somewhere that the more Love you accumulate in your heart, the more the pain is absorbed when you feel it and it’s true!!

I’d like to share my experiences hoping that whoever reads them opens his heart, without being afraid to show Love for everything and for the people around him.

The faith in us ought to grow stronger without any proof… First of all we must believe and know how to see invisible thing with innocent eyes, and not only things we find convenient – useless and so material that make us become indifferent beings - trival, proud and haughty.

My first experience took place about a month after I lost my father (gone to heaven after a serious illness). I felt a lot of grief and I really wished to know if he was in peace. One night I dreamt that I knocked at a huge door where I asked to see my father. The door opened and in front of me I saw a great valley surrounded by a splendid light and surrounded by peace. The valley was big and it was divided into many lots.

I asked again where my father was and I sweet voice answered saying that he was in one of those lots waiting to go up.

I woke up and realized that it was a dream, but deep down in my heart, I already feel some of that peace I had respired.

The following night my father came along. I was in my bed and he came into my bedroom.

His body was completely transparent he came towards me, kissed me and he told me to not worry, he was well and at peace.

A start woke me up and suddenly the deep pain I used to feel in my stomach had disappeared.

Peace and joy had replaced it.

I had my second experience after the news that Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta had died. I liked her image and I admired her robe and the motherly love she gave everyone. When she appeared, she passed on a sense of light.

The day after the news, while I was getting dressed, her vision went on urging me to open my heart and to go on without fear; being lazy I never examined thoroughly the meanings of those words, but since then I started to buy books about contacts with the hereafter by the radio and writing…

My third experience, this is without doubt the most touching, took place a few weeks before the tragic loss of my nephew (29 years old – a car accident).

Since a few years, I usually pray in a very ancient church in front of a picture of Jesus (He’s standing on top of the world in His white robe and His red cloak. His arms are spread wide – as if He’s opening wide the house door.

During the last week in November (my nephew died on 16.12) as usual I prayed to Him and I started to see that picture turn into other pictures, first a young girl or boy appears with long, blond hair, immediately it turns into a monk without his hood, immediately into a monk with a hood and beard, then darkness and immediately after an explosion of light and Jesus appears transparent, and in that “transparency” a valley of light, as if everything was part of His transparency. My tears begin to run down my face and I feel a pin in my heart, I think: “Please Lord, not my husband – protect him.”

It had been a question of a few seconds, but I went out of the church with the heaviness of all that grief He was informing me about that my body and my heart had absorbed.

This vision and this grief that the picture informed me had become so usual, and the only thing I could do was pray for my relatives.

I thought of my husband (because he was diabetic), I thought of my mother and father – in - law, and my mother (because of their age), but I would have never thought that the grief He was informing me about was to be the tragical loss of my nephew.

But Faith always subjects us to hard trials, and up till today I still go into that church and the picture always transmits the same images to me - I feel less grief in my heart, but anyway I feel their sorrow for our little faith – their sadness in spite of their Love, we’re still on the wave crest of the war, and asking ourselves if our brothers ought to be black or white . Christians . Jews or Moslems.

We are beings of light, and we can’t make it explode with it’s immense beauty. What a shame!

Bye, Francesa

My Spiritual Path Being part of a scheme Our hearts and Love Spiritual Path Testimonies

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