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Angels drove a person towards me

Angels drove a person towards me At The Grave Yard Testimonials of Love Testimonies of Angels

Angels drove a person towards me : I’m Stefania and I wanted to tell you something that happened to me and that I keep in my heart; it was 2nd November 2000; I had gone to the grave yard to take some flowers to my dead relatives, but the vases were so full, and the flowers I had brought were too many; so I started to go around the graves to look for someone I knew to put a flower on his grave.

After having tried hard I gave up. I couldn’t find him; so I ended up in front of two lovely childrens’ grave, two brothers aged 8 and 6, and I decided to give them all those flowers, they had no flowers at all…

While I was there arranging the flowers, a man came sweetly up to me, and asked me if I knew the children. I said I didn’t, but that I had the habit of putting flowers on children’s grave. He looked at me and said: “They are my children.” I patted him on his shoulder and told him that they were the most lovely children I had ever seen. I went away crying.

That day I met an Angel, I don’t know how my act could have helped, but the contact with that man filled my soul with endless joy. “Tears are the ice of the Soul that melts, and Angels are next to whoever cry”. Hesse.

Seeing that Stefania had had this experience I (Sara Luce) said to Stefania: “Do you think that Angels sent you towards that father who needed to know that there was someone taking care of his children or did the Angels send that person towards you to thank you for all the love she gives?” And this is what Stefania said: “I’m sure, because I feel it in my heart that the Angels drove that person towards me.”

Another time, still at the grave yard, 6 years ago when my grandmother was buried, I found Nicolino’s grave, a very little boy completely abandoned; It’s 6 years that he’s never without flowers and a light (1), I see to that personally. I call him my little Angel and I think that the Angels thank me making me have these special moments.

During my life up till now I have met lucky and unlucky children and I must thank my Angels for that.

A lot of happiness to everyone. I’ll be back soon


(1) In Italy graves are different from English ones. They have a photograph of the dead on them and a vase for the flowers.

Angels drove a person towards me At The Grave Yard Testimonials of Love Testimonies of Angels

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