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Guardian Angels Someone ready to help us

Guardian Angels Someone ready to help us from up there Testimonials Help from Guardian Angels Story

Guardian Angels Someone ready to help us from up there : I had finished working, and a friend in another place about 30 km away from mine invited me to his house to spend the evening together; I accepted, I immediately had a nice and hot shower, and all at once I dashed into my car and left to not get there late.

I was very tired, but I didn’t care at all, it had been such a long time since I saw him, and that evening I could see him.

Owing to the fact that because of my job and his, we can’t often meet, and the distance between the places makes thing harder.

I must say that he’s a dear friend, his mother’s dead, and seeing that my parents are both dead, I’m the only friend of his who understands him and listens to him problems, and I know how he feels when he fells alone. In fact he’s very happy when he sees me and he likes to speak to me.

I didn’t have supper that evening, owing to the fact that I really wanted to see him and listen to what he had to tell me. The way to his house is a bit far, and half of the road is good and wide, and the other half is narrow and bendy. Having got to the second half, I obviously had to slow down, but owing to the fact that I didn’t see anyone I went on at the same speed.

Suddenly at a bend I saw a lorry that crashed against my car. The lorry driver was driving dangerously, and he didn’t notice me. I didn’t know what to do, I braked, but if you bake at a bend it can be fatal. In fact I lost control of my car. It disbanded and was going to end up in a gorge. I didn’t know what to do. It all happened suddenly. The only thing I remember is that I took my hands off the steering wheel, I called my parents and my grandparents, asking them to help me. I felt it was all over with me. Suddenly I felt as if the car had crashed against the guardrail, but there wasn’t one, and it changed direction, but then it went towards the lorry. I have another bang on the front of my car, as if it had crashed against the tyre of the other heavy vehicle, but I swear I didn’t crash. I felt someone invisible get hold of the steering wheel and the car straightened up and went on its way. Then I felt someone get hold of my hands, just as if someone was putting them on the steering wheel.

I stopped, I took a look to see if I had crashed against something but my car didn’t even have a bit of a scratch. I got pushed into my car by someone who was telling me: “Don’t worry and don’t run next time. Don’t be afraid, go on your friend’s waiting for you.”

I started driving again and carefully then. I got there on time, and I spent a lovely evening having a nice chat. I think that there’s always someone ready to help us from up there.

Either It being an Angel, or a beloved one, it’s always someone sent by God to protect us and to help us with the difficulties of life anyway. Even us, human beings can help those of the next world, we only have to pray for them. The further we image our Guardian Angels and our beloved ones the nearer they are to us. They protect us and they only want our wellness.


Guardian Angels Someone ready to help us from up there Testimonials Help from Guardian Angels Story

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