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My Guardian Angel A present from my Angel

My Guardian Angel A present from my Guardian Angel The earring Testimonial A present from my Angel

My Guardian Angel A present from my Angel : today I’ve received a very nice present, of which I wonder how I can be worth of; I lost, and I mean “lost”, that is, fallen out of its box, an earring with diamonds that a dear aunt gave me when my mother died, she acts as my mother, and although she’s got three sons every now and then she gives me some jewel, in order that it remains to the women of our family, and as a token of tenderness.

These earrings are the most precious thing I have had from her, and while going back home, I noticed there was only one, I was panic-struck …”How an I going to tell auntie?” I thought: “I’ll get it done again.” But then I realized that maybe I wouldn’t have had enough money … I’m ever so accurate and stubborn regarding certain things … I don’t allow absent-mindedness not even in other people and sometimes I annoy and sentence against my boyfriend, who’s always absent–minded, without mercy on him … the Angel wanted to male me come off my high horse … I deserved it.

So as I always do, I evoked my Angel to have mercy on me and I asked Him to give me some proof of His existence letting me find it … even in a disagreeable way, I must admit. Like as I’m good at doing when something doesn’t work out as I want it to … “I know it’s impossible …, so small … but give me this present!”

Two or three days passed, I thought a bit of it, but I was busy ... Then this morning, while I was going to choose the earrings to put on I said: “But You could have even done something. My God, what can I do? … On Wednesday I’m going to auntie’s, and what if she asks me why I’m not wearing them? ... I don’t want to lie!” I lean over a jewel box that I had emptied and checked very well, and only after moving other objects … I saw it … the earring! No! It’s impossible … I had checked a lot of times … I thanked my Angel who’s really “great”, and I came to write to Sara …

I’m going to be late to work, but I wanted to immediately tell this thing to let everyone know how great Angels’ power is and Who love us without considering if we are deserve it.

Owing to me, I learnt my lesson: Next time I’m going to open my mouth and bring shame upon “my absent minded love” who leaves his shoes in the kitchen or things like that … I’ll count up to ten! ... I’ve put the earrings on and I’m going out … Bye to all of you, A big hug and lots of peace …!


My Guardian Angel A present from my Guardian Angel The earring Testimonial A present from my Angel

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