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Guardian Angels and dream meaning of a dream

Guardian Angels and dream the meaning of a dream experience Personal experience of my Guardian Angel


Guardian Angels and dream meaning of a dream : last week has been was a busy one for me and for Angela, so as we always do, to unwind a bit, we decided to go to the lake on Saturday morning; when we left at 10.30 we already had two loafs of bread for our friends the gooses in the lake of Vico; we always have a chat in the car and often we tell one another about our dreams; she told me hers and then I told mine, “You know” I said “Last night I dreamt I was in a big square, I was with a man dressed in grey who was holding my hand, there were even school children and many pigeons, they were light grey and white; in the dream it seems as if we were a couple, and he went on saying to me enchanted, charmed, almost in raptures, how lovely it was to be there, how magical it was, how romantic for us two, as if that experience was unforgettable, a very important experience for us two; almost as if the remembrance may have been the nicest of the like we would have ever had.


That was what he was saying and passing on to me, but I felt I didn’t care much, he spoke about us, but I didn’t feel attracted by him, I didn’t feel being part of that couple with him, and even our future was very uncertain regarding to the way I was concerned. Then from a big and leafy tree on my right a big flock of pigeons, white and grey started flying giving out high tweets, that in my dream seemed like as if hey were saying “Women, women” reaching the other pigeons at the square. Angela asked me if that man was my Angel Samuel, and smiling and feeling my heart lighting up to joy, I said: “Samuel? I’d have recognized Him immediately if it had been Him!!!”


We went to the gooses that know us by now and call one another as soon as one of them notice us and we played at throwing the pieces of bread and then the dived and raced and there was a lot of moving their beaks and intercept the direction of the bread. At the end we move to another place, always by the lake, where we usually have something to eat, and then read something in peace.


The host is a good person and he treats us well with his good manners. We were about to choose our table when Angela asked the host if we could make an exception, and put the table on the beach, warmed up by the sweet October sun a few steps away from the shore, and he took a table and brought it on the beach. ( I told you he treats us well).


An extraordinary thing before our eyes. This beautiful expanse of blue water. You could see the different streams that were in the lake that coloured it in different ways, the mountains all covered by very green trees reflected in the water, like the clouds scattered in the blue sky: Every now and then a little circle made by a fish appeared here and there, and three white goose let themselves be cherished by the sweet little waves of the lake.


There were some children who were throwing some sand into the water towards the gooses, so I gave them some bread and they liked that game very much. I eat and looked at that scenery enchanted. What beauty! and then there were the sea gulls, twenty, thirty sea gulls flying towards us. It looked like as if they were chasing one another, playing, calling one another, they dived and sometimes it seemed as if they were smiling, and we smiled with them too, because their chasing and calling one another seemed so joyful.


And still in ecstasy for what I was going through and seeing such beauty, I remembered some of the words Angel Giulio said, when He told us through Jenny “…and what a lot of feet have walked on that stone, on that rock, on that sand, thousands of feet, thousands of beings had been there, but among these a very few have loved, have thanked the dune, the sand, they have thanked too little the Universe …” , and I thanked God for all these extraordinary gifts that the water, the mountains, the trees, the animals have given us, for these little pieces of paradise where her whelps can recover one’s strength. If I had lifted a hand towards the sky, I’m sure I’d have found my Angel’s one “And so we’ll always be holding hands” He told me like we were holding hands in the dream where He was telling me about his emotions in front of the square (The lake of Vico is round like the square where we were in) dressed in grey (The sand there is just like that colour) some pigeons white and grey (some gulls) some happy children (who fed the gooses with some bread) some cries of the pigeons (the “laughs” of the gulls) and of the ecstasy and of the beauty. It’s a pity I understood the meaning of my dream only towards the evening otherwise… I would have really lifted my hand towards the sky.


He (my Guardian Angel Samuel) knew what he would have had a personal experience, but he wanted my sensations to follow automatically, and He’s surely right, at the same time, for once, we have felt the same feelings, and we’ll both remember it.


Sara Luce


Guardian Angels and dream the meaning of a dream experience Personal experience of my Guardian Angel


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