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In contact with an Angel

In contact with an Angel His great help experience In contact with my Angel Testimony

In contact with an Angel : I must state beforehand that I’m in contact with my Angel since many years, with writing; he gives me a sign, like a shiver on the left side of my head, and at that precise moment I get a sheet of paper and a pen, and He gives me his messages; they have helped me so much during the most terrible times in my past; like my parents’ death and the grief caused by my divorce; my Angel’s words have been a great help for my mental equilibrium I can’t imagine where I would have ended up without Him!

He suggested me a few years ago to find another job working for other people, and so even with other people’s help, I attended some seances of channeling, and the messages were the same, further proofs of the veracity of the advice He gave me.

I attended the shatsu school in my town, and then the surprises began. While working on people my Angel sent me messages telepathically where to put my hands, and so I am able to help people at the exact place where their illness is. In fact His massages have become stronger I “feel” them in a clear way in my thoughts.

Some time ago I had an opportunity (or a great gift) to see near the person I was working on her spiritual guide . It was a fantastic experience loaded me very much to go on doing this same job .

It was an old man kneeling down near her, with a serne expression, he was very pale, and transparent at the same time, and the vibration he made me feel was of great peace and serenity his contours were confused, they seemed floating in an enlightened smoke, but I was attracted my his long, wavy, very white and shiny hair. His arms were slightly open towards the girl and he was smiling at her.

When he disappeared I told her what I had seen in a very sensitive way, because you must be very careful minding how you speak to people who aren’t ready yet. She listened to the description of this old man, and much to her great surprise, she told me that it corresponded to the description of her great grandfather who she scarcely remembers, because he died when she was little, but according to the photos she keeps, the description corresponds perfectly, he was tall, thin, with long and wavy hair, pulled back, just like I saw him.

It had been a lovely day and I always remember this. Every time I work on people and if I have any doubts, I ask both my Angel and the person’s One to help me. And so They come along. Always.


In contact with an Angel His great help experience In contact with my Angel Testimony

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