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Guardian Angel exists pray to Him

Guardian Angel exists pray to Him testimonies My Angel’s exhortation Experiences Stories of Angels

Guardian Angel exists pray to Him : I met my Angel at the tender age of 39; wandering around the stalls of a book shop at a festival of “l’Unità”, a friend of mine shows me a book and in three seconds she tells me that a friend who lives with her lately prays to her Guardian Angel, etc, I didn’t even listen well to what she said to me, I bought it. So I found out of what I was sure of; someone was always with me every hour of my life, every minute; I read carefully.

I must foretell that He had sent me some messages since some time , that I didn’t understand : almost ten years ago I had found an “image” of an Angel who was protecting due children on my front door, where I used to live. On the back of it someone had written: “The Guardian Angel exists pray to Him” I was surprised. But I couldn’t give that a precise meaning. I just kept it.

And still, at home I used to find with the door shut, rather big, reddish feathers in boxes or in my purse. They made me feel in a good mood, and I knew they were from somebody. I must add that I lost my mother 15 years ago, and then in a year 1995 -96 my sister and my father too.

Moreover when I was studying, I studied classical guitar at the Academy of Music in times you didn’t speak about Angels at all and their pictures only belonged to book of History of Art, I have always kept in the front page of Daily Techniques the sweet picture Rosso Fiorentino’s little Angel playing the lute it inspired me support, comfort and courage.

This is what I had to state before … Then I got in touch with Him, I made a contact, and things changed. Now I know when he speaks to me, what he says, and we understand each other perfectly …

After some short time we met I had a beautiful gift. One night, before falling asleep, after having prayed to Him and having asked Him not to forget to do a few things for me, I clearly felt two very soft and hot hands caress my face with a tenderness that only who really deeply loves can touch you like that … I’ll never forget it.

I feel it’s my duty to witness this fantastic reality to others too. This is why I’m writing about my experience, and although nobody’s interested in it, and the sceptical may consider it ridiculous, it’s really for them that I want to give more details regarding the real changes that getting to know the Angel brought into my life. I’ll pass over the thousands of little daily favours He gently does for me , only because I ask him to, and I speak about the important changes. Although I’m completely alone, without a near relative , I have never been married, I have no children, I have found the force to start all over again. I have found the man of my life , who seems ordered to measure, understanding, love, attraction, syntony of liking and personalities. I bought a house, I made progress with work, I’ve become a better person. I’m going to go on, because life (and mine has been a hard one) is really a masterpiece and you must create it everyday.

As my Angel’s exhortation says: “… Look at me and you’ll find the North …”

Lastly I’ll add that the first step to make your dreams come true is “the wish”, that is “wishing something is already making possible the realization. So let’s ask, want and wish…“ Ask and you’ll get it”…


Guardian Angel exists pray to Him testimonies My Angel’s exhortation Experiences Stories of Angels

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