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Help from an Angel A particular evening

Help from an Angel A particular evening A magnificent gift Testimonies of Angels true Angels story


Help from an Angel A particular evening : all of my friends had gone to Capri Italy on holiday; my boyfriend couldn’t go on holiday, so I decided to stay with him. But that evening we had a quarrel; I’m five years older than him, but in spite of that we get on very well together and we are in love and happy; his family have always been an obstacle to our relationship only for the difference of age among us; my boyfriend felt as if he were being pulled on one side by me and my love, and on the other side from his family always saying nasty things about me.


Being in this predicament, he told me he wanted a “some time to “think it over.” I felt as if my life was falling into pieces. I was desperate. I thought our relationship was going to end forever. I didn’t have anyone to speak to, I felt so alone, I felt so unwell.


A bit later my phone rang. All our friends had phoned. They spoke to me one after another, asking me if I was well. They were all happy and after having been on the phone for more than half an hour, I already felt better. I thanked them for calling just at the right time.


But the surprise came, when them having come back, I told them about what had happened that evening, the argue, and how I felt desperate, and they told me: “While we were at Capri, we saw a boy selling incense in the narrow streets. We stopped to have a look, and then we went to sit in a pub to have something to drink. After having been sitting there for a minute, the incense seller came and he sat near us, and he said to us: “Your friend Franca – yes, He had told them my name – she’s blue, she’s crying, it’s really a horrible evening for her. Why don’t you phone her up?” We were puzzled and a bit suspicious. “He had listened to our conversation, while we were speaking about Franca, and feeling like joking, he said that to us?” But them we decided to phone, that evening, just in case. And anyway before leaving, the situation between you two seemed to be serene …”


I was astonished, I couldn’t explain what had happened, and neither my friends, but one thing is for sure. It really happened.


Now after some time I realize that I had received a magnificent gift.






Help from an Angel A particular evening A magnificent gift Testimonies of Angels true Angels story




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