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Souls and Suicide Help from Angel

Souls and Suicide Help from a Guardian Angel Why didn’t they love me? testimonies of Angels story

Souls and Suicide Help from Angel : it was dark, dark in my heart like it was dark that night; my brother had already gone to bed, my parents were in the sitting room, watching television; all the rolling shutters had been pulled down; I was seventeen.

I had switched off the light in my room, and I was sitting on the balcony “Why?” In my mind only that word full of my desperation, because they didn’t love me, because per one reason or another, they used to hit me, because according to them I wasn’t clever at school enough. Why? Why did they hurt me so often. Why?

Many other people, not belonging to my house, liked me. Some other parents used to speak to me about their problems, and asked for my advice. At school I was the “genious” and so Why? Why didn’t they love me, Why them, my parents?

Every now and then I went on looking leaning over our balcony on the third floor of the house I lived in. Just a jump, a few seconds and everything would have been over and done with. But there was the garden railing on the ground floor that frightened me. I could have ended up on it, and those tips would have pierced my body. What a pain I’d have felt. How would my agony have been, so I kept on going back and sit down on the balcony. At that moment I only wanted to punish my parents. I wanted them to live in remorse of what I would have made me done. I must have been at least half an hour or more out there, By that time I was almost ready. I don’t know how and what my Angel did to help me. Suddenly I heard the roll-up shutter in the sitting room that was opening immediately and my mother came out with a loud and angry tone, but even terrified. “What are you doing here?” she shouted at me: her shouting made me run into my room. Running away from her or from him (my father), was something I tried to do everyday. I locked myself in my room and started to cry out all the tears I had in my heart. Then exhausted, I felt peace and I thought: “No, I won’t give you my life, my life is precious,” and I understood that the people who really loved me were those who knew me.

Many years have gone by, everything happened so fast, and nobody spoke about it. I was young and that grief I felt in my life filled me every instant., and it seemed it couldn’t ever end. But nowadays, that my life is so full of real, and important things, even of my sweet Angel’s contact , and so every time my mind goes back to that night, I tell myself “ “Think of how many gifts this life has given me and I’ have lost them if that night my angel wouldn’t have stopped me!”


Souls and Suicide Help from a Guardian Angel Why didn’t they love me? testimonies of Angels story

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