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Visit from an Angel Testimonies

Visit from an Angel Testimonies of Angels That Saturday Morning Experience of Contact with Angels

Visit from an Angel Testimonies : a year and a half ago when I was still working in my brother’s shop, every Saturday morning, the customers kept on going in and out; my brothers Rosario, Lucio and me were very busy; at a certain extent, around about eleven o’clock a lady, who nobody had ever seen in our town before, came in; she was very tall, at least 1m.80, strong, with dark hair, but what struck us was that she had two really very big hands, and she was wearing a long robe.

As soon as she came in she sat down on the only chair we had in the shop and she asked us to give her a box of Dash free, my brother replied that all he could do was granted her a discount and so she said: “So make me a batch then. “So my brother gave her un batch and a drink.

At that time I was having some problems with my boyfriend’s family who was satisfied with our relationship and didn’t want to celebrate this longed – for marriage. We had postponed our wedding date, because my boyfriend wanted them to be there on the most important day of his life. In the end we had resigned, and we fixed the date for the end of December.

Still sitting on the chair the lady looked at me while she was eating her batch and she said to me: “I know you’re having problems, but don’t worry because your difficulties will be removed, and although you won’t manage to forget what they had done to you, the relationship with them will be in more harmony, and anyway you’ll get married in March.”

“What are you saying? I’m getting married in December, we have already agreed on it.”

“Well! That’s what I know!”

In the meantime my brothers were left speechless. Nobody in town knew about that. We kept it for ourselves, and she wasn’t from my town, in fact she said that she came to Sicily to meet a friend in Messina (Italy) , and what was she doing 150 km far away???

Both of my brothers like me, were looking at this strange woman who turned her attention to Lucio, and she said to him: “You have already had an important story before this one, that didn’t end up too happily, but the girl with whom you go out now really loves you and she’s without doubt the woman of your life.” To Rosario she said: “I know you aren’t satisfied with your job (he had a shop too), which is a business that your family imposed you when you brother died. Don’t worry the situation will be resolved.”

In the meantime she had finished eating her batch and we looked like three idiots, that woman knew everything in detail, and we couldn’t believe it. That woman was talking about our secrets.

While standing up she asked how much to pay, but Lucio said to her: “Don’t worry, we’ll offer it you.” She thanked us and went out.

Only then we realized that during all the time she was in the shop, nobody had come in, and when she went out the usual Saturday morning coming and going started again. We even asked the shopkeepers near us, but nobody noticed her come in or out of the shop. It was impossible, a woman like that!!!

In the long run everything the woman had said, come true, in December there was the reconciliation with my in-laws, and in fact I got married on 8th March (even though I thought about it only after), The relations that bind me to my in-laws are identical to those described by the woman, even if now I’m happy. My brother sold his shop nine months after that meeting, and now he’s much more satisfied, and Lucio and his girlfriend are still in love.


Visit from an Angel Testimonies of Angels That Saturday Morning Experience of Contact with Angels

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