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Coincidences The voice of my Guardian Angel

Coincidences The voice of my Guardian Angel Alone in a Foreign Country angelic testimonies Help

Coincidences The voice of my Guardian Angel : in 1979 my boss summoned me, and told me that I had to go to Luxemburg for business matters, and as a reward, on my return, they would have granted me a day in Bruxelles; my dear Sara, you can’t imagine my fear and dismay! Alone, in a foreign country, not having spoken French for about twenty years!

But he had been inflexible, and so I left. (I was frightened to fly too.) I got to Luxembourg at night, and scared like I had never been before, I got to the hotel…The night porter was Italian! He was so good and kind that all my fears disappeared! In the morning I went to settle the question. I managed to go to a restaurant on my own, and then I caught the train to Bruxelles.

After some time on the train (the northern landscape is great) I fell asleep, and suddenly I woke up: the information on placards gave two stops in Bruxelles, I wondered: “Where shall I get off?” A voice inside of me told me the name: it was the right one!!. That not all, the only way to get out of the station was to go by underground (with an awful slope of the escalator, and I suffer from giddiness), I got on the underground/ metro and so where had I to get off?

I knew that Bruxelles was one of the most lovely cities of Northern Europe, but I really didn’t know where to go! Suddenly, in the crowd, I read the direction “Bourse” and a voice inside of me said: “Get off here.” My brain went “But the Exchange is a place of business, and you’ll end up in the modern city, the centre of CEE, cold and busy.” The voice insisted and I got off. I started to walk, and guided by a voice I turned into a few streets and…Suddenly I saw the Grande Place and all the old and beautiful town with its special lanes, and the particular shops! Then I said that a sixth sense had guided me, but now I know well who protected me. (imagine if I hadn’t woke up on the train, in fact, I could have ended up in Prague!), Another thing: in the morning I embarked to Zurich, where I had to change for Rome.

The plane had some problems and we arrived late: it was two minutes to the embarking for Rome, and I still had to go through the check in, while hallucinated I got off the escalator with a terrifying slope. I notice that at the end of the escalator there was a man looking at me, when I got near him he came up to me and said: “Are you Italian? Are you flying to Rome?” After I replied that I was, he took my arm gently, and he brought me into a particular office and…while they were going to withdraw the plane steps, I was on the plane!!

Just yesterday owing to my job I told/said to a bank clerk (I’ve lots of contacts with them, joking I always say that I’m there psychotherapist, because they all tell me about their problems and anxieties, and they tell me that they feel they can speak to me even if we only speak on the phone ): Somebody up there loves me! He laughed thinking of the remark of he film, but now I give a very different meaning to even the smallest attention that the Angel gives me.


Coincidences The voice of my Guardian Angel Alone in a Foreign Country angelic testimonies Help

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