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Experiences of help from the hereafter

Experiences of help from the hereafter Testimonies of Angels A Car on Fire help from the Hereafter

Experiences of help from the hereafter : dear Sara Luce, I have summarized my experience of help from the hereafter and I’m going to tell you all about it willingly; I was with my boyfriend and a friend in the car and we were laughing a lot, talking about the evening we had spent; a person he knew came up to us and seriously speaking ordered him to get out of the car and to follow him into his four wheel drive. Before leaving us he whispered “Don’t leave me alone, but I’ve got to go”, I started the engine and I went in font of them making sure that, they kept following me, trying not to be noticed; I drove for about ten kilometres, suddenly I realized that I had lost sight of them in un instant.

Immediately we decided to go straight back. We didn’t notice immediately that there wasn’t anyone in the road. I lost sight of them at less than a hundred metres. We are sure about that. Suddenly we saw a car on fire in front of us. The flames were incredibly high. It looked as if it was going to explode. In fact, while passing next to it, I couldn’t slow down/brake down, and the heat that was getting into our car was so much that my boyfriend couldn’t open the window to shout at the two boys: “Hurry up! Get away from there!” Those two were laughing and enjoying themselves. They didn’t move, as if nothing at all was happening. After a few meters we went back, because we were sure that our friend was in that short part of the way. It’s really unexplainable. But just after two minutes, we were wondering if the firemen had already got there, but there wasn’t anyone, and if they‘d had took the car away (that was impossible), during that short time, we would have found some evidence/trace7traccia. The only relief about this inexplicable situation was that both of us saw that, and that made us sure of it.

The following day our friend was full of bruises, and he told us that someone had menaced him with a broken bottle but he didn’t know why, but he managed to calm that man down, and convince him to let him go. Having heard about our experience he told us that he was just there in a country side road, where we saw the car on fire. He even pointed out that there, on the same spot, since some years ago there was a tomb-stone which commemorated the death of two youngsters.

Two months ago, after about ten years since that happened, remembering about it.,, my husband and I concluded that those ghosts could have been to distract us/ from our purpose to intervene in the matter, almost as if we would have got there, the situation could have degenerated. After having considered, we thought of going to pay a visit to that stone, and I must admit, to check if the two young boys had really died there, While reading, we found out that when it happened they were very young boys who died, and that, (we were amazed), they were called Patrizio and Salvatore like our friend and his aggressor.

Un warm-hearted hug


Experiences of help from the hereafter Testimonies of Angels A Car on Fire help from the Hereafter

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