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Coincidences Signs from the Angels

Coincidences Signs from the Angels Street Miracles thank you my dear Angel testimonial

Coincidences Signs from the Angels : hi everyone, today I tell you about coincidences and signs from the Angels, I’m writing just to witness, my Angel has just whispered as to remind me the other things that have happened to me; I must say that I have been driving my car for many years (ten to be exact) without having had any mechanical problem, nor an accident.

I just can’t give an explanation, neither only by caution, ability or skill shown in some circumstances and nor an inclination to slowness (which I do not have), seeing that I think that neither of these things can really help to avoid an accident “if Fate wills!”

That day I was coming back from Milan and going to Monza where I live, going along the same way that I know off by heart by now, every single inch of it, I can’t remember what I was thinking about or what the day was like, the first thing I remember, in particular, of those moments is that strange enough I felt my heart in my mouth, and for a minute or more I had to switch the radio off which I always have on, rather full balst.

I was at the traffic lights and my first reaction was to pull over, but then after an instant of bewilderment, I felt better and rationally I told myself that it was late (nearly midnight) and that I was probably a bit tired, and having put in the first gear, I took a long raised bridge that had three humps, and I took a parallel road full of junctions.

Well, my radio was still off and my heart went back to normal, the car was in a very good condition and there was a lot of traffic for that time, I was reaching the top of the first hump, suddenly the engine, I don’t know if it stopped, but it seemed as if something made it go as if it needed repairing, or as if there wasn’t any more fuel, but the fuel gauge marked over the middle, the thing is that while slowing down I just managed to reach the beginning of the descent, almost at a zero speed, panic, what could I do?”.

I thought of it still for a minute while looking behind me and I saw a long queue of cars, I started to get away, I switched on the hazard lights, and I carefully made sure that no car crashed into my car, a red car, a grey one and a black one, they doubled me on the left on the other lane and disappeared.

At that point I was going to brake and get out of the flyover when my engine started to work again, I went on accelerating and everything seemed ok, I kept staying on the right lane, keeping an eye on the controls, but I didn’t notice anything strange; my car had started to work again, I faced the second hump of the bridge, I got on the top, another descent, and I saw something terrible, the cars I had seen before, the red, grey and black one were there, all crashed up against another car where the passengers and the driver were alive and not injured luckily; at first I had a great fright, then having ascertained that only the cars were damaged, I started to think again, and I quickly thought “if my car hadn’t stopped I would have been there among those cars”, and my heart started to beat fast again.

What happened that night wasn’t the “usual” miracle that happens to us continuously in our lives that we don’t even notice, but it was rather real help, why me, why right that night?, I’ll never understand it, or I may do some day, anyway, thank you my dear Angel, go on protecting me.

Coincidences Signs from the Angels Street Miracles thank you my dear Angel testimonial are phrases from Alessio

Coincidences Signs from the Angels Street Miracles thank you my dear Angel testimonial

Coincidences Signs from the Angels

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