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Vision of my Guardian Angel

Vision of my Guardian Angel The Birthday Present testimonies of Love from Guardian Angels story

Vision of my Guardian Angel : I know that what I’m going to tell you will amaze you and you won’t believe it, but it has happened some time ago and I’m going to tell you about it; we had decided to celebrate my birthday in my favourite restaurant, and we booked a table for that evening; in the afternoon I had lent Angela my car and she decided (probably feeling sorry for my car, because I never do it) to take my car to the car wash; my Kety (its short for catalytic); it was spot clean and smelling good, and around about 7.30 we had started off to the restaurant.

On the way, at a certain point… We started to speak about Angels, and of how our way of existing had changed since we started going towards Them. Then, shortly before getting at San Lorenzo, we stopped speaking, thinking, and living again, each one of us within ourselves all of the emotions we experienced while meeting the Angels. We were silent and smiling. Now, we were going to turn right to take Viale Regina Margherita, in Rome, Italy, while I was getting there I noticed that the traffic lights had turned into amber, and I ought to have stopped. To tell the truth I didn’t see that boy or I didn’t notice him. But as soon as I saw him I was flabbergasted. He had fair skin. He was 1m70 tall, and thin. He had two very shinning and serene eyes, a beautiful open and radiant smile. He looked just like my Angel when he appears to me in my dreams; it seemed as if time had suddenly slowed down, and every second seemed as long as a minute.

I kept on staring at those eyes and that smile, and the boy came up to me so slowly holding a short brush, one of those you use to clean windows, and he asked me while smiling: “How’s future?” and me smiling at him: “It looks prosperous” and he said: “ Well, good girl”, then coming closer to the window: “Can I clean your window with this water?” and me: “ No my car’s completely clean” and he said: “but this is karmic water!” and I said, still smiling. “No, please don’t”, and then he squatted next to my car door, and he was looking at me with that face of his (and a laughter sprang out from his heart, it seemed as if our two voices were only one, that same sound of laughter I have felt many times with my Angel. The traffic lights then turned green, and after saying “bye” I left.

Having passed the crossroads Angela said to me: “Come on let’s go back. Let’s get the window cleaned with karmic water”, “No, that’s not important” I said to her. “He has already given me the important message!”.

Sara Luce

Vision of my Guardian Angel The Birthday Present testimonies of Love from Guardian Angels story

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