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Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson

Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson from a negative experience testimonial

Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson : yes I have learnt my lesson from negative experiences, I was on good terms with a person I liked a lot, but by then I didn’t love him anymore; sometimes I tried to set up a conversation about a separation, but he then became desperate; as time went by he accepted our relationship to become the one of two people who liked one another and who shared the same flat, but I felt that deep inside he still hoped “getting me back” and that I would have loved him again; that situation with many, positive aspects anyway was taking peacefulness away from both of us and was jamming our lives.

Even knowing that it would have been the best resolution for both of us, I didn’t want to feel a “bastard” telling him to go away and then, a very important thing, I was afraid to loose him forever and loose what we constructed over he years; in the meantime he had become more jealous too and underestimated every person I met, he didn’t want other people to wander around our house when he wasn’t there and I considered that very limiting for my way of being extrovert, I kept on postponing the decision.

One evening getting home from the restaurant we had a very nasty surprise, a part of the house was topsyturvy, there had been burglars, although I had already noticed some strange things, the fright, the police, la forensic, the builders, the blacksmith a few days before, didn’t let me think it over; when the shock was over I noticed a few things that had happened strange coincidences; that afternoon I had a headache and I didn’t want to go out, but as to respect his longing (that wasn’t mine) I took a lot of drops for my headache, our next – door neighbour’s dog, that could have barked, right on that evening hurt his paw and the vet suggested to keep the dog inside the house so he wound wouldn’t get an infection, the burglars went in and only into one room, because in the other one where I keep my “Angels’ ” things had been moved, but they didn’t take anything away , on the other hand they left fingerprints.

Of course they stole my money and my jewels, but the thing I was fond of most of all, seemed to have “disappeared” before the burglars’ eyes, the things that would have hurt me more losing them, were all still there; lastly it seemed as if the burglars had ran away from the house: did they heard me come back home or did something frighten them?

Yes strange coincidences and then I wondered if within that terrible experience there was a lesson for me to learn, a lesson that could have had to do with my life of that time, and resumed that the most important lessons were, learning to listen to our longings, are rightful like other people’s ones.

Don’t delegate your responsibilities to other people, and have the courage to state your thoughts.

You never loose really important affections; although it may seen strange, Angels always watch over us.

So after a few days, within the situation that was further exasperated with the theft at home, I took the decision I kept postponing since a long time, appearing in a dream my Angel encouraged me to make up my mind, it was time I did.

I wouldn’t have imagined a more positive issue, two days later he called me thanking me, he was well surprisingly, that was the life he had always wanted, to live on his own in a house of his own, we didn’t even loose a bit of the lovely things of our relationship, on the other hand now we are peaceful, joyful and free.


Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson from a negative experience testimonial are phrases of Lidia

Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson from a negative experience testimonial

Negative experiences I have learnt my lesson

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