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In contact with Guardian Angel my name's Yosè

In contact with Guardian Angel my name’s Yosè testimonial of contact with Guardian Angels

In contact with Guardian Angel my name’s Yosè : hi, everyone, my name’s Rachele and I’ve met my Angels, my Guardian Angel, my Yosè; I’m a painters and I paint being inspired by my Angels; I often met them while dreaming in periods of inner transformations; in 1992 I went through a marriage crisis and I was fully convinced to divorce; one night I dreamt I was cycling along the streets of my town, suddenly an altar with Mary, our Lady, obstructed my passage, I stopped being struck by what I was seeing; this great big altar suddenly turns into an Angel, just one Angel who turns towards me and blasts the trumpet, a very particular and loud sound, it was so loud that I have to stop my ears with my hands and anyway its sound makes me vibrate inside and I wake up; I find myself in my bedroom, but there were no walls, there was only light, it took me a few minutes to focus the walls.

I recover my marriage full of enthusiasm, and after a few months I dream of being in front of a Shrine, I could clearly see its side entrance, it was dark outside and the Church was lightened up, on the side the door on the right was open and I could see a statue on the floor, while I was looking at it from the outside of the Shrine at a certain distance, the statue started to come alive, it stood up and came towards me, with great grief and love I realized it was Jesus who was coming towards me; my heart was beating in a state, I knelt down in front of Him Who tenderly caressed my head like a brother – father, He spoke to me, He encouraged me, and then He told me to follow the main road, He asked me if I had the baptism keepsafe when a hand on my left gave me a little box, I still don’t understand what He meant, was it because after two months I was expecting my second daughter?, has she got anything to do with all this?, maybe I’ll get to know it some day.

I have had some signs regarding her, Ariele too, after having washed her baptism dress on the back of the dove printed on it, I found three little bright red drops of blood, her baptism was a very special one and during the ceremony I was wondering if Christ was really there, I got the answer by the three little drops of blood on the beak of the dove that brought me closer to Christ’s body, and so take the Holy Communion, obviously I understood later.

In 1994 I was fed up of living at my parents’ house, so even if I hadn’t enough money, I went to live in another house with my husband and my daughter, my husband studied to become a doctor, at night too, I was frightened, I was angry with my parents, because just when I needed their help they turned their backs on me.

The night before we moved I dreamt I was in a big square, I was angry, and I was picking my things that were all scattered on the ground, I was putting them into a rucksack, and as soon as it was full I loaded in into my Jeep, suddenly three people, a man and two women came to me on my right, they were wearing white robes and had long and black hair, their faces were beautiful with big eyes, the boy said to me “can you give us a lift?” and I answered rudely”, as long as you don’t steel anything”.

They got in without speaking, then the boy looked at me and holding my hand said “ I’m Yosè (pronounced like that) do you know what my name means?” – he asked me – “it means God is with you”, I was dull, and I simply said to him slowly “I’m Rachele”, He smiled at me while shaking hands with me, and then I woke up.

During the following years I really needed some journey mates, I came across long and terrible periods, I was ill, I was emotionally and spiritually ill, I got to the end of it, but I was never alone I felt them there with me, I had to go through it all as to understood people suffering.

In the meantime my paintings have become more and more beautiful They have become more beautiful and spiritual, full of meanings.

Some months ago I dreamt I was sitting in a park with my daughters under the shining and hot sun, in the centre of the park there was a big oak tree, suddenly I heard girls laughing from above, I looked up and three beautiful girls with big, ivory wings and golden hair, passing through a shining tunnel came down to the park where we were, as soon as their feet touched the ground, they turned into human beings with human clothes but anyway I could see their wings come out from behind the collar of their blouses, they were laughing and having fun, they went near the oak tree, and they sinked their marvelous hands into it, and they collected honey, lots of honey, and ate it, then they turned towards me and invited me to their banquet, I woke up a few seconds later and I could taste honey in my mouth.

I could tell you about many experiences of mine, for several years I have received messages, but I don’t like to speak about them, a lot of them have come true, I hope that the messages about peace become true too.

A big kiss and a big hug to you all

In contact with Guardian Angel my name’s Yosè testimonial of contact with Guardian Angels are words from Rachele.

In contact with Guardian Angel my name’s Yosè

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