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Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving

Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving a Car Grief to meet Angels

Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving : I’d like to share with as many people as possible my experience about Guardian Angels experiences, an Angel driving, because I’m sure that Jesus wants me to, and I haven’t got to do it as I hoped to; first of all thank you Sara for this opportunity; this experience of mine that goes back to eight months ago, has completely changed my life, and the life of who was and is near me; up to that time I had lived a life far from faith, believing in something, without knowing what, and most of all never think about my Soul, never, better still, I can say that my life was more or less the contrary of what our Father would want for us, but now I know He doesn’t give up, He doesn’t stop calling us, if necessary He shouts to make us turn around and see His Face, or our Angel’s one.

Well, that’s what happened just to me, I didn’t hear and He was calling me since some time (exactly since when thirteen years ago I was loosing my baby because of a spontaneous abortion and with a prayer I would have never said, which lasted forty-eight hours all the time, unexplainably the very serious problem he had was gone, and now he’s thirteen!), but that time, having got over the serious problem, I forgot Him and I abandoned Him again but He didn’t abandon me…

Last summer I was on my way back from a very intense seminary during which I had gone through the most difficult stages of my life, and considerations about my life, I had to drive for four hours, alone under the sun, and not having slept for a week, in which I had already had clear signs of His immediate approaching, but I didn’t want to believe it; at a certain point while I was driving I started to write a sms looking at my mobile instead of the road, I was really sleepy, and I didn’t realize that instead of braking to send the message, I was accelerating, while I was looking at my mobile I heard a car sound the horn behind me, and I thought it was a friend of the seminary who had reached me, so I started looking at the road again realizing at what an absurd speed I was going at, I let the car double me to see who it was, no, I didn’t know him; it was a young boy in a white car, dressed in white, with half-dark glasses who came alongside, and smiled at me and while smiling, I get a message in my mind that says “be careful go slow you’ve got to go back to your son”, and then He accelerated and went ahead; at that point I was completely awake and I realized that I was getting to the exit I was supposed to take to get back to my son, maybe without His help I‘d have missed it or worse I would have had an accident because I’d had seen the exit just in time; having reached the exit slope, I realized that that “young boy” had saved my life, and I wanted to thank him, so I braked, and stopped on the slope, but while I was turning behind me, I thought he must have been much further, because he doubled me after our meeting, but surprisingly he was just passing then on the motorway as if time had stopped, and he put his arm out of the window over his car roof, and he waved his hand to me for a long time, I started to cry desperately, while I was getting out of the tollhouse I got another message in my mind, it said "one must pass through Grief to meet Angels”.

In fact at that seminary I had wept all my tears and I was going through a hard period of my life, since then a very strong faith stared to grow in me, I got back to God very slowly and Our Lord has filled my life, I have changed everything that before seemed insurmountable, always relying on Him for every choice of mine; every time, if I listen well, He guides me, I get on better with my son and Jesus, Our Holy Mother and the Angels haven’t stopped sending me messages since then or simply I haven’t stopped seeing them, signs that I’m not alone, that we aren’t alone, never, remember that all of you.

Thank you Lord for having performed in me with so much perseverance, faith is the nicest present I could ever receive, please let every being on Earth see at least a bit of Your light, please let them let You mould their hearts and be rocked in Your arms.


Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving are words from Elisabetta

Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving a Car Grief to meet Angels

Guardian Angels experiences An Angel Driving

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