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God's Love's Great a story witnessing

God’s Love’s Great a story witnessing of the existence of Guardian Angels

God’s Love’s Great a story witnessing : I want to tell you about my story, a witnessing of the existence of Guardian Angels and of how God’s love is great; I started to read on this site, some time ago and I have even wrote; my grief for the loss of a daughter made me study in deep everything that belonged to her world; don’t you think that the best point to start with is with Angels, she, an Angel on Earth for me; so I read a lot of books on Angels, about contacts with Heaven and the existence of life that goes on after death.

It was hard for me to deepen my faith, since I was little I had made a “friendly” contact with God, and He’s my confident and my shoulder to cry on, Him I felt having to thank every time something nice and unexpected came into my life. I went on saying “Gift of God”, He’s got so much to do and He’s even got time for me, how this Heavenly Father loves me.

As a mother it was enough for me to think that my daughter had gone to Heaven, I was trying to rise with my last remaining forces to get nearer to that world where she lives and in which I have always believed in, in the battle between grief and hope I let my last physical forces cling to the string of love that I have created with my baby, Heaven’s her world and my shelter, the thought and hope of finding her next to God, the day I’ll leave this world but what shall I do in the meantime?, I wondered, I concentrated on what’s my duty seeing my being on Earth and at that point the miracle happened in my life.

I get the first messages from my daughter, by a physic, who I don’t even know, and who I didn’t look for, I didn’t want to “disturb” my daughter. I kept on telling myself “God will show me the way”, “He knows what we need”, I read this sentence at San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) Italy, and I’ll never forget it, if God has chosen her, it’s because, like me He considers her beautiful.

I used to say, every now and then, praying to Him “please take care of my Angel, protect her, You know how much I love her”, and then, considering myself stupid I answered myself, “but you’re speaking to God He knows everything, you’re going mad”, I recognize my daughter’s sweetness in her first drawings and by some sentences she sends me, I hadn’t looked for her directly, but she looked for me, it comes from love, only love, it was so strange after all the thought of the love between us two, she had found the way to reach me, God hasn’t only protected her, He has led her to her mother, holding her hand.

As I’m telling you this now I sense such a strong feeling like the one when I felt an impulse to get a sheet of paper and wrote, surprising myself, I realized that the scribbles had turned into her words for me, first unrelated, then always clearer and then the sentences started to make sense, me, a humble creature, nothing more than an earthly sinner, I stopped feeling down.

It’s since that day that everyday whenever I want, she writes to me, we tell each other things, we laugh, and we play together, God wanted her to become my Guardian Angel.

She tells me how nice the Kingdom of Heaven is, God has brought my daughter back to me and I’m happy to love Him, happy to not have doubted about Him, not for even an instant of my life, I’m happy to have loved my daughter more than my life, to not have ever broken this chain of love and I’m happy that she has been chosen by God.

Thank you my God, thank you for your everlasting goodness, thank you to the Guardian Angels who protect all of us and who are fortunate to live next to Our Farther.

Thank you to my Guardian Angel, my daughter.

Peace and Love to you all.

God’s Love’s Great a story witnessing of the existence of Guardian Angels God’s Love’s Great are words from Lina

God’s Love’s Great a story witnessing of the existence of Guardian Angels God’s Love’s Great

God’s Love’s Great a story witnessing

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