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Guardian Angels Testimonies sign of Love

Guardian Angels Testimonies of Guardian Angels a sign of Love experiences with Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Testimonies of Guardian Angels sign of Love : my name’s Stefania and I’m 28, I belong to a voluntary group (Unitalsi) and for 3 years it has been organizing many pilgrimages only one for young Italian people belonging to Unitalsi, and every year in a different town; this year it was the turn of Siracusa (Italy), at the Shrine of Our Lady Madonna of Tears; they have been 3/ three marvelous days and something strange happened to me right there.

I must say that since I saw this site I feel nearer to Guardian Angels: I pray every day to Him and I have been asking Him to give me a sign of really being next to me.

Yesterday while we were at the Sanctuary I decided to leave my friends sitting there for a bit and to go round at the Sanctuary on my own to see it peacefully. At a certain point I found myself looking at a little shop behind the church where they sell the usual religious souvenirs, and I decided to have a look. As soon as I went in I saw a little Angel fixed on a base with a picture of Our Lady underneath. The strange thing was that among many things I had in front of me, I immediately didn’t look at something in front, but on one side in a little shelf, not very visible.

It’s obvious I bought it, because it was very cue, and there were only 3 statues of Angels (and I bought then all.) Immediately I thought of my Angel, and of what I had asked Him, but I didn’t attach too much importance, because I thought it was a little coincidence.

Having finished, I went into the vault below to get back to my group and while I was going down (because there are a lot of stairs that lead you to the vault), I went down where I came before an enormous picture of a wonderful image, a lady who was being embraced by an Angel, Him being not very defined, but looking as a shadow.

Imagine my surprise. I stood there looking at it, and than I understood that it wasn’t a coincidence, but a sign! I had been incredulous at first, and He showed me something huge. He flung what He wanted to tell me into my teeth, without leaving me with any doubt.

Thank you my dear Angel for this great gift! And forgive my mistrust.


Guardian Angels Testimonies of Guardian Angels a sign of Love experiences with Guardian Angels

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