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Andrene genital Sindrome testimonies

Andrene genital Sindrome Angel testimonies of Angels Andrene genital Sindrome My story

Andrene genital Sindrome testimonies : I have never seen Angels, but I have always been convinced that someone’s protecting all the members of my family, my son’s story is like many others, but often we believe that it could never happen to us.

Simone has been saved from death twice thanks to a series of coincidences, cases, situations that without somebody’s help wouldn’t have happened.

I have had a wonderful pregnancy. I was very well, although I very rather big, but I was very serene and happy for this being who was growing inside of me…Some day before time expired, the waters broke without contractions nor pain… I was happy because I was going to see my son at last.

Fortunately my gynecologist (who only for the sake of scruple had her mobile along with her) an expert and very cleaver, noticed that the baby’s umbilical cord was going down before my baby’s head…A very serious situation, the baby was already loosing his heartbeat…An emergency caesarean at 11 o.clock p.m….The surgeon was very worried, because I had eaten and I had to have an urgent anesthesia

Fortunately after I had been upside down for 45 minutes, the staff arrived and Simone was born at 11.20 p.m. I was ever so happy. I was very tired because the operation had been difficult, but having been told that my son was well and hearing him cry for the first time I didn’t hold back my tears.

Our getting back home had been peaceful, but after 15 days Simone was strange…He didn’t want to eat, he went on vomiting, he didn’t grow…Three pediatricians said that everything would have settled soon, but it didn’t. After 10 days of bewilderment I decided to do as I felt in my heart…So I took him into hospital.

For three days Simone risked to die…I was there and the only thing I could do was pray and speak to Simone telling him to be strong and always fight for this wonderful thing which is life!!!!!! His Angel heard my prayers and Simon is alive…The doctors wouldn’t have bet much on him, but he had fought for his life!!!!!!

Simone suffers from a very rare hereditary disease called Andrene genital Sindrome. He’ll have to be cured for the rest of his life and for salt depletion he had for those 3 three days, we don’t know what was the consequence in a such little being, but anyway I don’t care, as long as Simone is with me!!!

Now I’m trying to contact research centres, associations and I know that I’ll find something in the end, my destiny has informed me, and to fight this disease. I won’t just sit there!!!!!!

Anyway now after two months I think about all that has happened, and I’m sure that somehow my Angel tried to communicate what was happening…in Simone’s cot there was a little silver picture he had received for his birth with a little Angel …during those days I found it turned on he other side twice…You may think it’s ridiculous, but nobody may have turned it over on the other side, neither me, nor Simone!!!!!!!

A hug


Andrene genital Sindrome Angel testimonies of Angels Andrene genital Sindrome My story

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