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Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio

Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio Travelling with Padre Pio testimonies of his help a strange dream

Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio : dear Sara, I want to tell you about help from Padre Pio, I’ll introduce myself, my name’s Pia, I’m 34, I’m married and I’ve got a son; I’m an employee in a small firm, and I have never been a good catholic person, I have been baptized; I have received my First Holy Communion and my Confirmation, all this because I belong to a catholic family, but not deep down for my free choice.

I don’t want to annoy you telling you about my life, but I want you to understand that the Church and I have been two lines that don’t ever intersect, nevertheless.

My strange journey took place 10 years ago, my father had died some time before, who I was very keen on, owing to a bad disease, so I felt being in the mercy of the waves, I felt a deep sense of distress; I felt lonely, desperate, so when I started to be involved with a married man, and much older than me, we both felt a great feeling that kept us stuck to one another.

Now I can’t remember exactly, but I think after about three months since the beginning of this relationship, one night I happened to have a strange dream, but it wasn’t really a dream, it was rather more like a journey, a strange journey.

During the night, while I was sleeping a person I didn’t know came to see me, only the following morning, searching on the Internet, I got to know that it was Padre Pio, I must say beforehand that at that time I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t know him at all, and only after this dream of mine I went to look up about him, I remember his face very well still now blaming me, He gave me the creeps.

The journey was to take to see real life, not this one, the eternal one, that will depend on the choices made now on Earth.

To tell the truth I didn’t get far from where I was, that is, the journey wasn’t very long, better still, visiting the Place of sin and of grief hadn’t been neither long, nor tiring, but the Place where you live under the Light of God has been more hard to reach.

First, I started to walk into a Place where souls are in darkness, and they only feel terror, great grief, distress, and they have no more room for repentance, believe me Sara, I can’t find the words to describe the distress, the grief, the desperation of this place; I can’t remember the places of the journey well, that is, I can’t describe them physically, but I have understood very well that the aim was to make me fell precise sensations and emotions, and to transfer them to my heart. In fact after many years I still remember what you feel there, I still get the creeps.

Then this “man” took me to the top of a snowy mountain, where this time Light surround everything, I remember a lovely light, almost blinding, we go into an ancient palace, there’s a person dressed in white, with white hair and a long white beard waiting for me and still today I can’t say who it was, my eye’s are attracted by the scenery outside that room, to say the least magnificent, completely serene, calm, this place has conveyed great peacefulness, great bliss, you felt in peace with everything and with everyone, the sensation of wellness is still in me, and then that Light so strong, so intense, but without dazzling, it was fantastic.

So I went from the upset and freighted state of before to one that is impossible to describe with earthly words, because no word can be used, so much so that my body first was trembling and sweating with fear and then changed into absolute calmness.

To tell he truth now I don’t remember anymore if the “people” I met told me something, except for one thing that Padre Pio told me at the end, but today I thank him because I have seen the two worlds being alive, and so I can choose consciously on what side I want to be on.

The only words I remember now, are those said by Padre Pio, and that is, first he was telling me off for my romance with a married man, but I didn’t know that that was punished by the Church, and so he forbids me to continue, then he tells me to be sure, but in a surly way to not speak about this journey of mine, to anyone.

The relationship ended that morning but neither me nor the other person have said goodbye, our romance was interrupted immediately, because I thought it was my “nature” and only mine to have said that’s enough, precisely because of that warning.

In despite of that we met again, and spoke, but only because of our jobs just like friends, no word had been said about that, as a matter of fact we pretended that there was nothing wrong and on the other hand, a month ago, speaking about us two, oh, do you remember what, we started speaking about our relationship, suddenly he said to me “do you remember why we left one another?”, and he didn’t speak anymore, trying to remember and immediately went on, oh yes now I remember, Padre Pio told in a dream.

I became pale, and I didn’t tell him anything, absolutely nothing.

In other words we had the same dream, the same journey and what’s more at the same night.

I thank you heartly

Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio Travelling with Padre Pio testimonies of his help a strange dream are phrases from Pia

Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio Travelling with Padre Pio testimonies of his help a strange dream

Padre Pio Help from Padre Pio

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