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Angel in the Kitchen testimonies

Angel in the Kitchen Angel testimonies of Angels what a good Angel My Angel in the Kitchen

Angel in the Kitchen testimonies : when you meet Cesira you seem to be on the set of “Gone with the Wind?”; do you remember “Mami” that sweet coloured lady who was always next to Rosella, the main character?

Cesira’s just like her, very plump and soft, who makes you feel wanting to be cuddled by her. Her hair’s all gathered in a white scarf tied with a knot right on her forehead. The only thing that makes her different from Mami in the film is that Cesira’s white.

Knowing that we are dealing with Angels, she wanted to tell us something that happened to her.

Recently I’ve become the cook of this restaurant; I used to have a cafe and I have always loved cooking, Then one day someone offered me to work as a cook in a hotel. So I accepted. It’s very nice here and all the kitchen staff depends on me. I decide what meals to cook, and I organize my assistances’ work.

My boss has asked me to add some roman dishes, and I had no problem doing so. One day he told me that it would have been nice to prepare a trolley of Bolliti just as they do in the north of Italy, and that’s when I had had a lot of trouble. Before working in this hotel I had an entrusted supplier, he used to choose the most suitable cuts of meat for the dishes I had to prepare, but now I have to contact a wholesaler, and say precisely how many and which pieces I need. It was a great problem, How was I supposed to know what kind of meat was necessary to prepare that particular trolley of Bolliti!!!!!!

But I didn’t want to let my boss down, I really didn’t know what to do. I asked my Angel to help me, but I thought,: “Can he help me for such a little thing like a Bollito?”

I decided to go out of the kitchen. I sat at a table where we keep magazines, I sat down and I touched my hair, what could I do?

At a certain point, I looked up and saw the pile of magazines. They were women’s magazines our boss has for his female guests. I never read them, but I felt attracted by one of these magazines “Well” I thought, “Maybe relaxing my mind for a bit could do me good.” Guess what I found while I went on turning the pages over?

Just that recipe, with all the instructions, of the very famous trolley of Bolliti of northern Italy, wasn’t that incredible?’’!!!

What a good Angel.

Well I’d like to know if he has got anything to do with when I make up a new dish in the kitchen too. I’ve been told that one’s own Angel always has some affinities with the person He protects, Can it be that my Angel’s a cook?


Angel in the Kitchen Angel testimonies of Angels what a good Angel My Angel in the Kitchen

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