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My Guardian Angel testimonials little kisses

My Guardian Angel Guardian Angels testimonials little kisses to wake me up in the morning witness

My Guardian Angel testimonials little kisses : for some time I kept finishing late with my computer to answer to the many letters I received; I went on forgetting to see what time it was and when at last I saw the time it was always late at night; the In following morning I was so hard for me to get up, and it took me quite a lot of time before carburare, and my sleep wasn’t even relaxed.

So I decided I had better change. It was useless hoping to pay more attention to the clock in the evening, in that case, when we want to get another pace, it’s better to start with the alarm clock in the morning. The night tiredness would have made me switch the computer off before.

I didn’t ask my Angel Samuele, even convinced that my system would have worked, but it seems that He liked my suggestion, and so He decided to help me spontaneously.

So I set the alarm on and went to sleep.

In the morning, five minutes before the alarm clock rang, I heard a loud noise, like a jackhammer, it went on for a minute, just the time to make me wake up completely and then it stopped. I switched the alarm off. I was awake anyway.

Then my day, I set the alarm on, before going to sleep and my sleep.

The following day, about five minutes before the clock rang another annoying noise wakes me up: someone banging with a hammer. So I’m awake again, up already to switch off the alarm, because I was already up.

The following morning those five minutes before the noise of the lorries that collect the rubbish, and again I’m awake and again that noise stopped immediately.

The following morning, a sound of a drill, but anyway I had understood that it was my Angel’s help for my plan.

I switched the alarm off again before it would had rung, but I said to my Angel. “But my Love, isn’t there a nicer, sweeter way to wake me up in the morning????’”

In the evening I set on the alarm, and went to sleep.

During my morning light sleep I heard a slight noise. “What’s that?” I wondered and keeping my eyes shut, in the same position, I paid more attention to that rhythmic sound, smacks, little kisses????? Yes, it was just that sound you hear when we send little kisses. I started laughing to myself, could you believe what my Angel had thought of little kisses. How sweet!. I let Him give e some more, and then opened my eyes and i got up smiling. I looked at the alarm clock to switch it off. It was half an hour before the time I had set the alarm.

I don’t think my Angel had been very sure about his kisses working, and so He started very earlier that the classic five minutes.

I spent a wonderful day and every now and then I laughed thinking back on the little morning kisses.

A sweet hug.

Sara Luce

My Guardian Angel Guardian Angels testimonials little kisses to wake me up in the morning witness

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