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Love Messages incoming messages I love you

Love Messages incoming messages I love you so much Music testimony

Love Messages incoming messages I love you : dear Sara, I wasn’t sure if I should have written to you or not regarding to this dream, because its meaning ed message are rather clear to me, but I want to tell you about it anyway.

As you know this period has been full of tensions: Milla (my puppy, everything’s OK with her), the wicked things, the sentences others told me that are many bleeding wounds of the heart and so on…all those agreeablenesses that life gives us more or less…

So during this time I dreamt of my mother a lot and on waking up, I remembered the episodes I happily spent with her lovingly, even though they were just a few but nice ones for me…feeling nervous (jerky crying crises, desperation, I asked everyone to let me work out the episodes, otherwise they’d have sedimented!)

So they let me sleep safe and sound for a long time..

I’ll get to the point:

On Saturday night I dreamt that I heard my mobile ringing (which I switch off exactly at 8.31.p.m.) showing that there were “incoming messages,“ I took a look, and found lots of them. The one I remember well is the first one “I love you so much”, I read it, and heard some wonderful music. I thought someone had sent me one of those ringtones they publish on TV, and I tried to cancel it con the option CANCEL and CANCEL EVERYTHING, but no hope… The option didn’t appear, and the messages came coming back. There were lots of them, you should have seen how it scrolled, they seemed endless, and all of them had love titles (more or less).

I woke up and I said to myself: “It’s only a dream, now I’m going to switch my mobile on again and I’ll see that there isn’t anything.

I looked to the clock : it was 2.25 a.m.

I opened the menu to the voice messages.

My mobile indicated: INCOMING 25/0 – OUTGOING 1/0, on the other hand I read



All the same I opened those incoming and…I saw the same messages of my dream (Believe me Sara I was AWAKE!,) So I switched my mobile off again and I looked at the clock again: 2.25 a.m.!

In the morning I switched my mobile on:. Everything as usual, and then a smile went on my lips from my heart.

THEY sent me messages of love and obviously they invited me NOT to CANCEL them!

Isn’t that lovely?

Kisses, Laura

Love Messages incoming messages I love you so much Music testimony

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