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The Virgin Mary at Zaro appearances

The Virgin Mary at Zaro Ischia Italy appearances and messages testimony

Our Lady of Zaro appearances : hi, Sara, I’m Anna; I don’t know if you remember me, we exchanged an email some time ago, I should have sent you my experiences, but then I went on holiday without my computer and so, but at least I have had a rest; I want to tell you about The Virgin Mary and my experience at Zaro a little wood in the town of Forio Ischia.

Every time one of my patient’s son-in-law, I’m a physiotherapist, comes to see his mother-in-law in the clinic where I work, he usually stops to stay a bit by the statue of Our Lady in our ward.

One day being attracted by him being there, and by his devotion to the Virgin, but mostly by the curiosity of finding out what he was reading. I went next to him, and he started to speak about the messages Our Lady was sending to some people during the telling of the Rosary in the woods of Zaro (Ischia).

I didn’t even know about those woods, neither about the appearances of Our Lady to some people in a place so near to where I live (Naples).

So for some time I started to exchange some views with this man until one day I asked him to take me there to Ischia, and there I attended to, that is, I lived a wonderful time, I’ll tell you about it, we were there telling the Rosary, and there were many people even many foreigners, at a certain point they spread out a green carpet and three young girls knelt down, they seemed very simple, holding note books. I didn’t understand, there were three men standing opposite them, a bit away from them.

Gennaro, my friend was next to me on the bench and next to him his wife and their daughter with her little son, the sun was passing through the trees, and an endless number of rays were enlightening the rock with a Cross on it, around which people gather to tell the Rosary.

At a certain point I felt something surround me like a shawl, that is, as if someone using an invisible arm had embraced my shoulders, at the same time Gennaro, who had took part many times, and knew how it worked, said to me “she’s here, our Lady, at the same time a grasshopper landed on my leg, but being very frightened I sent it away, just then the girls went into a trance, and the three boys opposite them caught then just in time.

We went on praying, after a bit, after about ten minutes the girls had come out of the trance, and suddenly they started to write very fast without stopping, as if someone was dictating then the words, it seemed as if they were writing shorthand, I’m not going to hide from you that at first I thought that it was a common hysteria, including me too, after that they stood up, they handed over those sheets of paper, and after having greeted some of the people they knew, they went away.

Gennaro, my friend, introduced me to one of the three men who had caught the girls, introducing me as his mother-in-law’s physiotherapist, and that boy looking at me right into my eyes said; “when you pray to Our Lady you must only think of Her”, I don’t know what else to tell you, but I know that it has changed my life; thousands of thoughts come into my mind, but after that experience I have become more devoted, really more, since that day I don’t consider Our Lady’s statue only a statue, Gennaro has taught me to speak to Her with a real devotion, he made me hold Her hand in mine and he taught me how to ask Her what I really felt deep down in my heart, and I don’t want to say so, but some of that has come true.

OH I haven’t told you about what baffled me more, our Lady’s messages dictated to the girls can’t be told on that same day, but the Court must read them and correct them, that is, they censure them, therefore owing to the fact that they tell the Rosary on 13th and on 26th every month, the messages are told only on the following session, if you’d like to know more the site is www.mafonnadizaro.it, see you soon, kisses

The Virgin Mary at Zaro (Ischia Italy) appearances and messages testimony are phrases from Anna

The Virgin Mary at Zaro (Ischia Italy) appearances and messages testimony

Our Lady of Zaro

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