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Help with University Exams testimonies

Help with University Exams testimonies of Angels stories experiences

Help with University Exams testimonies : I think that the biggest gift my family of origin has given me is freedom; feeling responsible for my life and for my choices is a thing I have learnt since I was very little (since I was six-seven I looked after my pocket money, I used to go to school with my big brother, who was two years older than me, I helped other children do their homework, I did drama, and so on); although sometimes I felt a bit abandoned, and sometimes I had to be a parent for myself; today I see most of all the positive aspects, resulted from this freedom, first of all the freedom of choosing what to study

I left home as soon as I became eighteen I worked for a living, and to attend University. I have always studied with interest, because I loved what I was studying, although sometimes I had to study certain things that I wasn’t very interested in or I had to face , what I always did with trepidation, taking my exams at University.

But They were there, the Angels, who have helped me, without me thinking of Them, or of Their existence. In fact after the first few exams starting with the classical sentence. “ Oh God, I don’t know anything, I can’t remember anything” (although I had studied) I got into the exam room, my attention was always attracted by a speech between two people. Someone was saying to the other what the professor had asked him, what he had said, what he had understood that the professor was asking, and so on.

I used to always hear all of the speech and when I sat down to be questioned that was the first question the professor or his assistant asked me. This went on for several exams, and students know that if you answer well to the first question, you can consider having passed your exam. Even because you relax, and you can peacefully prove everything you have studied.

Only once I didn’t listen to this “suggestion of Angels,” and when I sat down, and he said to me:” speak about the Secondary Narcissism” , I thought :“Oh damn!” and I looked at the two girls who had heard someone speaking about it before, a conversation that I didn’t hear that day, if I had paid the right attention. Free will.


Help with University Exams testimonies of Angels stories experiences

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