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Angel description experience A sweet figure

Angel description experience A sweet figure A figure next to me An Angel

Angel description experience A sweet figure : dear Sara, I just can’t help telling you about the 2002 episode, an Angel Experience, a sweet figure and my description; I’m sure it’ll please you, it’ll make you shed a tear, and why not, you’ll even have a laugh; in 2002 I had been told I had a lymphoma, in June I started the therapy, at the second infusion, a massacre of hair, it was hot and in the evening before dusk, I was leaning and looking out of the window of the studio e I looked at the countryside, now I live in a town near Bologna, Italy, opposite my window there are garage roofs, but they didn’t prevent my view, but I started to see a ferment under the tiles.

There were many mice, they came out, and looked at my without being afraid, they took little pieces of Parmigiano cheese, and at the same time every evening I used to throw them some pieces of it.

They were so sweet, there was one that used to come out always at the same time, standing on his hind legs, with his fore ones joint, waiting to get the tidbit before the others, he was the most cheekiest.

One evening I was leaning on my elbows on the window sill as usual, and I was enjoying the show, suddenly I heard something move behind me, like as if someone had landed, I turned my head slightly, and I saw a figure next to me, leaning on his elbows on the window sill, with long, wavy, tousled, light brown, shoulder-length hair, with almost blond tips, as if He’d had sunbathed, he was wearing a beige robe, a rough fabric like linen.

I felt great happiness and I said “you have had a great sprint from Heaven to see these cheeky mice”, I could see by the expression on His face that he was enjoying himself, just then I realized I had said something stupid, I didn’t have time to say sorry, a joking voice, as if it wanted to laugh, but sweet with a tone of voice that made your heart melt, said “before it’s too late”.

Right then I thought of my illness, the figure had disappeared; two evenings later, not having met my friends, I found out that my neighbour had poisoned them, I was really sorry, although I knew they were becoming too many, but they were field mice, even the meaning of that sentence that frightened me was clear to me.


Angel description experience A sweet figure A figure next to me An Angel

Angel description experience A sweet figure

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