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Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help

Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help experience in the lift

Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help : I’m terrified to get stuck in the lift, I’m not claustrophobic, but owing to a terrible experience I had when I was little, not having being able to get free from a too strong embracement, from an enclosed space, it makes me feel bad; I was very surprised when I had an experience that I define maybe “improperly” of Angels that had to do just with a lift.

I was attending my third year at University in Milan Italy, I’m writing about well over thirteen years ago, during the lunch break, with a dear friend and classmate of mine, we were on the table outside the classrooms waiting for the next lesson to start; there was a lot of noise, because of the break, and at some point I heard something I can say, it wasn’t a voice calling me, it wasn’t even a feeling but I heard someone speaking and asking for help.

I asked my friend if she had heard something too, but she looked at me amazed, how could I hear with all this noise?.

The fact was that I told her I had heard something coming from the lift, that frightened her, because what’s more the lift was in the room next to the corridor where we were.

I started reading again, but after a couple of minutes I stood up and went towards the lift that I obviously found closed and without a flashing light, moreover there the noise was really loud and I was getting convinced that in fact I couldn’t have even heard a voice clearly just coming from the lift.

But I don’t know why I started to knock loudly on the lift doors, and I asked if there was anyone inside; there was silence all around me, I think they thought I was raving mad but surprising everyone, inside a voice replied. It was a girl stuck there for about ten minutes, I don’t remember precisely, we warned the secretary who phoned the maintenance; when she got out she thanked me obviously, but she asked me how I knew she was in there, in fact as she told me, after the lift got stuck, she tried to ring the alarm bell that was out of order, she tried to call out, but with all that noise, she had supposed that nobody would have heard her, and so she sat down waiting until two o’clock, that is, when the lessons would have started again so she was sitting silently, when I heard someone calling for help, and so I went to the lift.

Only a very few friends of mine, and my husband know about this thing, my university friend reminds about it every now and then, and each time I think about it I get the creeps, in my dream, last night I was in a lift, I don’t know, maybe it’s only a coincidence but I felt like telling you about this experience and I did so.

Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help experience in the lift are phrases from Cristina

Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help experience in the lift

Angels testimonies of Angels Asking for help

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