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Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony

Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony meeting  with my Angel experience

Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony : dear Sara, today is the festival of the Angels 2nd October, my name’s Paola, I have been reading your site for a long time, I regularly read the Messages and these precious pearls help me improve my path, and mostly always focus more on a life of love; owing to the coming of the festival of the Angels, October 2nd, I want to send you my testimony of my wonderful meeting with my Angel Tiziana.

One day at the end of September almost ten years ago, I went to hear the presentation of a course in sign language, I got there a bit late. I went into the classroom and immediately I was stunned by a girl with read hair and wonderful blue eyes, she smiled at me and I noticed that she went on looking at me for a bit, in fact I thought there was something wrong with me, seeing that I had run a lot.

I managed to sit at the last desk, she came towards me, as if she wanted to sit next to me, but seeing she couldn’t, she went to the back of the class.

At the end of the lesson she came next to me saying, “I wanted to speak to you since a long time”.

She was dressed in blue and she was wearing a pendant like the sun, her voice was very sweet and assuring.

At the lesson they gave us some sheets of paper with our data, I read her name Tiziana, she was twenty-six, and she came from Rome, Italy.

We had a lot in common, our age, experiences of volunteering, and our studies, immediately I felt at ease with her, it seemed as if I had met a special person.

We started off to the underground.

She said words to me that are really carved into my heart, “I know what you have done during your life!”.

We had delivered the forms to the secretary, so I noticed that we had chosen the same days to attend the lessons too, I was really happy about that, so we could have met again.

I’ll never forget her sweetness, the way she looks at me, looking only at me.

We stayed together for more or less twenty minutes, but deep in my heart it seemed as if I had always knew her, and to have spent a lot of time with her.

We said goodbye, with two kisses, and a strange and wonderful feeling, she hugged me, and she stayed with me all the evening, and the following days.

I started attending the lessons, but there was no sign of Tiziana, after a few lessons I decided to ask the Secretary to have some news, I was stunned, there was no Tiziana who had asked to attend the lessons or other lessons at that school.

They couldn’t have lost her form, because it had been registered like mine, my name was in the register, but hers wasn’t anymore.

I sat on a chair, because suddenly I understood everything, I saw her sweet glance again, only for me, the fact that she didn’t speak with anyone but me, the colour of her hair I like, the sun pendant just like mine and many other little similar things.

I sat down for a bit, touching my hair, and then I smiled, I understood that, that evening an Angel had come for a walk with me.

While turning over the pages of my diary I noticed that the evening before meeting Tiziana, I had wished to see my Angel’s eyes.

Today I say to my Angel Tiziana that I really love Her, I’d like to thank Her for being there, I haven’t seen Her anymore, but I feel Her in my heart a lot, and I really hope I see Her again.

I thank you , Sara very much too, it’s very nice to be able to share certain experiences with people who can understand you.

Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony meeting with my Angel are phrases from Paola

Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony meeting with my Angel experience

Festival of the Angels 2nd October testimony

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