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Christmas a present my beloved Angel sent me

Christmas presents a present my beloved Angel sent me testimonies of Angels

Christmas a present my beloved Angel sent me : my dear Sara, I take a look at you site every day, since I discovered it I can’t do without it, and now I want to tell you about the wonderful present my beloved Angel sent me.

I must tell you something first: a few months ago while reading the witnesses, I realized how some people are lucky to find a white feather as a sign of their Angel, so I remember I thought I would have liked to touch one, I remember that while dreaming about it, it seemed as if I were feeling its softness.

One day a friend of mine phoned me up, and told me she had thought of me, and had made a present for me that she wanted me to have. After some time the present arrived, imagine my happiness seeing it was a rag Angel, made by her ingenious hands. On his shoulders it’s got two little very soft wings (just like I imagined.)

The Angel I got as a present, has got a golden string, and I can hang it on my Christmas tree, so every morning I pray to him, I speak to him, I confide with him, and yes … He’s really my little Angel Celestino.

Now something else has happened that has made me happy: on Monday I was around doing my Christmas shopping, I wanted to give to a friend of mine an Angel as a present. I wanted a little, shiny one, with a cute face, but I wasn’t sure about the present. I bought one different from the one I was looking for, cute, but I wasn’t sure about it, so I kept it for myself, thinking that maybe I’d have changed my mind.

Today my friend came over to see me with a little box, I opened it, and I could hardly believe it. Inside I found the Angel I wanted to give her as a present, exactly like I wanted to buy, but there’s more to it, my friend’s name is Celestina, I always have called my Angel Celestino.

I’m really happy. It’s the nicest present I have ever had.

A loving hug , and have a peaceful Christmas.

Bye Gianna

Christmas presents a present my beloved Angel sent me testimonies of Angels

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